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Sailing Komodo: The Land of Dragons

One of the most requested boat charter destinations in Indonesia –Sailing Komodo National Park. The UNESCO World Heritage site is famous for its large monitors – the Komodo Dragons! The park’s 29 islands are situated off the coast of Sumbawa and Flores. Moreover, 26 small, mostly uninhabited isles surround the three main islands of the park: Komodo, Padar and Rinca. Even though the islands lie relatively close together, they offer different landscapes rich in contrast. The rolling hills and lush mangroves of the north give way to rough mountainous rocks in the central region. On the contrary, Horseshoe Bay in the south feels like Jurassic Park. Steep cliffs shrouded in cloud and the great force of the Pacific Ocean are pounding against the rocks outside the cove. You will feel like on the edge of the world! Cruising Komodo offers ultimate boating experience in Indonesia. Inquire now for your Komodo Sailing Cruise with Barefoot Yachts! We offer customised Private Boat Charters as well as scheduled Cruises.

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Sailing Cruise Komodo: Scuba Diving

A Sailing Cruise Komodo is not only popular for Dragons and spectacular Flora and Fauna, but for world Class Scuba Diving. Komodo National Park offers just about every kind of tropical scuba diving you can imagine. You can dive in warm, calm and colourful shallow reefs which make a habitat for huge schools of fish. You can explore current-swept deep cool water sea mounts, walls and pinnacles patrolled by sharks, tunas and other pelagic fish. Komodo National Park offers dive sites suitable for all levels. Dive sites we frequently visit during our cruises include: Banta Island, Crystal Rock, Batu Bolong Siabar Besar, Castle Rock, Gili Lawa Dara, Golden Passage, Sebayor, Siabar and Maskassar Manta Reef. See here for details of some of the best sites around Komodo Island and  Rinca Island.

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Possible All-year, best May - November.

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Labuan Bajo Airport from Jakarta or Bali international Airport.

Sail Komodo

Best for Land & Sea Adventures, Dive liveaboards and Private Boat Charters.

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Labuan Bajo Habour is just 5 minutes from the Airport.