Sailing Komodo: The Land of Dragons

One of the most requested boat charter destinations in Indonesia –Sailing Komodo National Park. The UNESCO World Heritage site is famous for its large monitors – the Komodo Dragons! The park’s 29 islands are situated off the coast of Sumbawa and Flores. Moreover, 26 small, mostly uninhabited isles surround the three main islands of the park: Komodo, Padar and Rinca. Even though the islands lie relatively close together, they offer different landscapes rich in contrast. The rolling hills and lush mangroves of the north give way to rough mountainous rocks in the central region. On the contrary, Horseshoe Bay in the south feels like Jurassic Park. Steep cliffs shrouded in cloud and the great force of the Pacific Ocean are pounding against the rocks outside the cove. You will feel like on the edge of the world! Cruising Komodo offers ultimate boating experience in Indonesia. Inquire now for your Komodo Sailing Cruise with Barefoot Yachts! We offer customised Private Boat Charters as well as scheduled Cruises.

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Sailing Cruise Komodo: Scuba Diving

A Sailing Cruise Komodo is not only popular for Dragons and spectacular Flora and Fauna, but for world Class Scuba Diving. Komodo National Park offers just about every kind of tropical scuba diving you can imagine. You can dive in warm, calm and colourful shallow reefs which make a habitat for huge schools of fish. You can explore current-swept deep cool water sea mounts, walls and pinnacles patrolled by sharks, tunas and other pelagic fish. Komodo National Park offers dive sites suitable for all levels. Dive sites we frequently visit during our cruises include: Banta Island, Crystal Rock, Batu Bolong Siabar Besar, Castle Rock, Gili Lawa Dara, Golden Passage, Sebayor, Siabar and Maskassar Manta Reef. See here for details of some of the best sites around Komodo Island and  Rinca Island.


Possible All-year, best May - November.


Best for Land & Sea Adventures, Dive liveaboards and Private Boat Charters.


Labuan Bajo Airport from Jakarta or Bali international Airport.

Departure Port

Labuan Bajo Habour is just 5 minutes from the Airport.

Komodo Sailing & Cruising Highlights

Komodo Sailing & Cruising boasts a great variety of land and sea sights, not only accessible for scuba divers.Besides the three largest islands Komodo, Rinca and Padar there are more than 20 other islets. They dot the nautical charts like a spilled ink pot on the diaries of captain James Cook himself. Each time we sail through one of the most beautiful Islands to visit, we discover new treasures: breath-taking landscapes, spectacular sunsets and the most impressing living creatures in the sky, on land, and in the ocean. Hence, the best way to experience the Komodo Sailing highlights is to cruise around on a traditional Phinisi Schooner. 

Hike with Komodo Dragons

Rinca Island and sailing through Komodo provide the chance to see one of the worlds’ most fascinating animals: the Komodo Dragons. Dating back to about 3.8 million years, they are the oldest existing species still living on our planet. Reaching up to 3 meters, these giant lizards form part of a surreal setting. Due to their heavy appearing features one might think of them as an old rusty relict from primeval times. However, when hungry, Komodo dragons are swift and hunt in the most spectacular ways. Despite being the dominating species in the Komodo Islands they have always co-existed peacefully with the local people. Local guides know when and where to spot these giant creatures. Make sure to come in the right season, when they are found strolling along the idyllic beaches and hilly grasslands of Komodo and Rinca Island.

Komodo Dragon in Rinca during liveaboard cruise

As if Dragons were not already surreal enough, flying foxes will accompany the nightfall and carry you into a scene of Jurassic Park. After a long day of cruising, there is nothing more astonishing than anchoring your vessel at Kalong Bay. Finding mystical caves and waiting for the bats to whir into the sky while the descending sun dips into the ocean, tinting the horizon into a magical night.

Stroll along Pink Beach - Pantai Merah

And that is still not all. As you get back to mainland a spectacular natural phenomena awaits you at Pink Beach. A stupefying place to visit; A natural process breaks up and washes red corals to the beach, coloring the sand to a baby-like soft-toned pink. We are sure, you will fall in love with the beauty of this beach. Lay back and enjoy a few hours here, strolling along in this unique setting.

Star Gazing the Milky Way​

As the sky is clear and the night falls, a bright curtain full of star lights clothing the sky above you. No light pollution, no traffic noise, nothing but you and the universe. On deck of our Komodo Sailing Schooners we spent magical nights gazing into the universe that seems within grasp, listening only to the gentle splash of the sea and dreaming to the motion of the ocean.

Snorkel with Manta Rays

Diving is not the only way to glide through the lively richness of sea life here. Set off your dinghy to Manta Alley or Makassar Manta Reef and snorkel among Manta Rays. As these fellas are quite curious you can find yourself being circled by their smooth wave-like movements – a lovely interplay between you and them spectating each other.

Scuba Dive in Komodo​

The abundance of sea life and great variety of dive sites for all levels make Komodo one of the best dive areas in the world. The Komodo National Park is under terrestrial and marine protection as UNESCO world heritage site and biosphere reserve. The park’s rich marine environment is a habitat for a fascinating underwater world. Also, whale sharks and sperm whales love to visit these waters on their way from the Southern to the Northern hemisphere. Playing with tumbling dolphins and circling with Manta Rays are among the popular and mesmerizing experiences one can live during their Komodo adventure.

Visit traditional Island Village

Discover with Barefoot Yachts the hidden gems and authentic culture of the lesser Sunda Islands. See how people live an isolated life on Kapung Mesa or Kapung Rinca, close-by to the Komodo National Park. Among other destinations the Bajau Laut Sea Gypsy Village is a captivating place to visit and see how these ancient endangered tribes live in harmony with nature and master the force of the sea.

Snorkel the Pristine Reefs of Komodo National Park

Indonesia has amazing snorkeling and diving spots. Komodo Island and the surroundings make for some of the country’s authentic and iconic sites. Great reefs for snorkeling are around Siaba, Kanawa, Tatawar Besar and Sebayor Island. Admire colorful hard and soft Coral Gardens, meet Turtles, and there is even a good chance to meet one of the larger inhabitants of the Park – Eagle Rays, Mantas, Reef Sharks and maybe even a Dugong.

Komodo Sailing on A Traditional Phinisi Pirate Boat

Always wanted to travel back in time and have the authentic pirate experience? Cruise through Indonesia and to the Komodo National Park in style and comfort on a traditional Phinisi schooner, just as the traders did centuries ago.  In today’s era of mass tourism and bulk-produced holiday packages, cruising on a wooden schooner offers an extremely contrasting leisure experience.  It is a tribute to the greatness of nature and a humble, respectful, yet comfortable way to explore the Indonesian Archipelago. Although Phinisi Schooners nowadays mostly use engine  rather than Sails, due to practical and Safety reasons, the experience stays a unique.

Hike Into Another World

Seeing the world form the ocean while cruising Komodo is beautiful, but catching a glimpse upon countless beaches and valleys from high up will leave you astonished. Padar Island, the third largest land mass in the National Park, and a must-see for photographers, offers a panoramic view upon the surrounding Archipelago. With its short trekking possibilities and its geographic position it is an idyllic place to enjoy both sunrise and sunset. Another great spot to enjoy the sunset is Gili Lawa Darat, located north east of Komodo. With a short walk of about 15-20 minutes you will reach the top of the Island. Sit down, install your time lapse and open a beer, nature will do the rest. Padar and Lawa Darat are only two of our favorite spots to see the world from high up. At Barefoot we are not only pirates and star gazers but also sunset chasers.

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