Raja Ampat Snorkeling Expedition

A Raja Ampat Snorkeling Expedition is a true voyage to paradise on Earth. The majestic landscapes and vivid underwater world makes this place truly one of the most beautiful and naturally gifted parts on the planet. This once-in-a-lifetime cruise will bring you through the captivating and magnificent labyrinth of straits. Cruise by the ocean eroded landscapes of rugged and steep coastlines of thick, lush virgin rainforests. Go close to the shorelines to discover hidden beaches and lagoons for a nice relaxing day. Raja Ampat is the capital of marine biodiversity. About seventy percent of the recorded coral species on the planet live here. As a result, this place is number one marine biodiversity destination in the world. Discover plenty of fish species and swim alongside the majestic manta rays as a highlight of this trip. The region is a top diving destination. But that does not mean that only those who know how to dive can enjoy this marine diversity. You will be amazed that about ninety percent of marine life lives 4 meters below the water surface. So, Snorkeling is a great way to discover the secrets of “the kingdom of the four kings”. Apart from the scenic underwater views, Raja Ampat offers some of the most stunning top-side views in the world, too. You also do not need to be a seasoned birdwatcher to witness the amazing bird life in this island. Inquire now for a Raja Ampat Snorkeling Expedition. We offer Scheduled Cruises as well as Private Raja Ampat Boat Charters.

North Raja Ampat Snorkeling Cruise Itinerary 8 Nights

Please note, this is a sample itinerary. Each Cruise is different and the detailed day-day itinerary and sites will be tailored to suit guests’ preferences well as to weather and ocean conditions. Private Charters are more flexible in the itinerary compared to scheduled Cruises.


Depart from Waisai for your Raja Ampat Adventure Cruise – just a short fast boat ride from Sorong. After settling on board, the trip will start with a refreshing welcome drink, a brief introduction to the boat and crew, and a safety briefing. After, we start by visiting our first Snorkeling site, Miskon. In the afternoon we cruise towards Dampier Strait, while sipping sunset drinks and relaxing on deck. Overnight mooring in Dampier Straight area.


Dampier Strait is a true beauty with its white-sand beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, iridescent reefs, and a backdrop of lush rainforest. This day will start with an early morning trek to view the beautiful birds of Tapokreng. You will be accompanied along the way by a local Papuan guide as you observe these birds while living in their natural habitat in the wildlife. Along with Cockatoos, Huge Hornbills, Frigates, Eagles and Colourful Parrots swooping overhead, you’ll have an excellent chance to spot the exotic and rare Birds of Paradise. Dampier Strait is rapidly becoming known as the place with the most spectacular snorkelling views in the region. The strait flows between Waigeo and Batanta resulting in a nutrient-rich area all thanks to the ocean currents passing through.


Very early in the morning the Yachts departs towards Arborek. Cruising at dawn offers a beautiful and unique experience to sip your hot coffee or tea while listening to the musical calls of the various exotic birds.

We Snorkel Manta Slope or Manta Sandy –a well-known site as it is one of the most consistent spots for finding congregating mantas. Maximize your time and spend a long snorkeling session while observing these majestic animals. You can spot them back flipping from the surface or being thoroughly cleaned by species of wrasse or butterfly fish.

Later during the day, enjoy a visit to the Arborek Village and see their traditional way of life. Interact with the locals and don’t be surprised to see many curious children greeting you enthusiastically! While in the village, revel in local hospitality and contribute to village economy taking home well-made handcrafts of traditional Papuan woven string bags, and colourful hats! While in Arborek, take a dip and snorkel to see the sublime corals fixed on the Arborek Jetty. The day will continue as you proceed to cruise towards Yangefo.


Your Raja Ampat Cruise Adventure day will start with another fantastic snorkeling session at Batu Dalam, where you can see plenty of pelagic swimming by. Afterward, the cruise will head on to sail towards Wofoh Island, where white sandy beaches await. Of course, snorkelling here is a must! Seeing healthy corals thriving amidst the crystal clear waters in the area are part of what makes Raja Ampat to special!

The day will go on as you continue to cruise towards Alyui Bay.


This day will start with a visit to the ATLAS pearl farm, where you can learn about the complicated and interesting process of developing the only organically grown gemstones.

After the short “field trip” to the pearl farm, it is time to change to your wetsuit once more for snorkeling the abundant reefs! Go on a full nature immersion while touring with a speedboat in the bay at sunset to catch a glimpse of a spectacular display of sublime colors against pinnacles and rich forest.


The rocks and seamounts found in this group of islands are really a single rock formation as they actually sit on top of the equator. Apart from this nature trivia, Kawe is also one of the few places in the world where you can travel between the northern and southern hemispheres by simply snorkeling! Not too far from the area lies Eagle Rock – another famous site where you might see manta rays enjoying a cleaning or simply gliding by. The day will go on with a overnight cruise towards the lost paradise of Wayag.


Pulau Wayag is one of the mystic sites to visit during a Raja Ampat Cruise. This enchanting place offers a series of covered lagoons, narrow channels and inlets, brooding caves and ragged rocks – amongst other treasures yet to be explored here. Towards the afternoon, remove your diving gear and change to your hiking boots to hike Mount Pendito in Wayag. This trek will lead you to one of the most stunning view points of Raja Ampat and great photo opportunity. We continue the day with relaxing, swimming, exploring beaches and snorkeling around Wayang. The protected Lagoons are also perfect for Kayaking or SUP explorations.

Day 8 | PENEMU

Very early in the mooning we depart towards Penemu – one of the most biodiverse areas underwater during a Raja Ampat Snorkeling Cruise.

This morning will lead you towards Melissa’s Garden – an extraordinary site famous for its amazing display of coral fields in shallow water. This place is home to one of the largest population of fish in the area. Especially during a brisk, nutrient rich current, you can see enormous parades of fish and marine animals. The Yachts moores closeby and can take out the dinghy to discover the lagoons and limestone scenery nearby. There various other sites with great Snoreklling such as “Rainbow Wall” in this area.


Very early in the morning the Yacht Cruises back to Waisai. Activities might be offered according to flight and fastboat schedule.

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