Guide to Raja Ampat National Park Fees 2024

Raja Ampat is a remote archipelago in Indonesia known for its unparalleled beauty and exceptional marine biodiversity. Raja Ampat is home to over 1,500 species of fish and around 700 types of coral, making it a top destination for divers and snorkelers. To preserve the natural wonders of the region, the government has implemented a national park fee for visitors.

What are Raja Ampat Fees?

Raja Ampat Marine Park is a network of protected areas and a combination of national park fees applies when visiting and cruising the area. The Raja Ampat National Park fee is in total around 1,000,000 IDR (67 USD) and consists of the following.

Raja Ampat National Park Fees for Tag / Pin

The Raja Ampat Marine Park Fee (also called Tag or PIN) supports environmental services in Raja Ampat.

  • For international visitors the fee 700,000 Indonesian Rupiah ( around 45 USD)
  • For Indonesian citizens and KITAP holders the fee is IDR 425,000 (not available for KITAS holders.)
  • The Tag is valid for 12 months
  • Children under 12 years are free of charge

The Raja Ampat Visitor Entry Tickets

The Raja Ampat Visitor Ticket was introduced by the Raja Ampat Government in December 2019 and is used for maintenance of the local tourism infrastructure such as attractions and islands. The total price of the Raja Ampat visitor ticket depends on the islands and sites you are going to, as each of them has its individual visitor fees. Generally speaking, the Raja Ampat visitor tickets are 300,000 IDR (around 20 USD) for all of the major areas and sites.

Raja Ampat Fees for Yachts and Liveaboard Cruises

In addition to the Raja Ampat Park Tag and the Raja Ampat Visitor Fee, there are extra harbor, mooring, local guide, and community fees for yachts. These official, as well as unofficial fees, vary and depend on; the size of the Yacht, guests onboard, and the sites visited during the cruise. Therefore, most yachts ask for a fixed fee of 100-200 USD to cover all the related costs for tickets, permits, and fees required when Sailing Raja Ampat Islands.

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Raja Ampat National Park

For official details about Raja Ampat Marine Park and Birdshead Seascape, check here:

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