Things To Do in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is the crown jewel among the diving destinations of the world. The location at the heart of the Coral Triangle makes it one of the most bio-diverse areas on earth and it truly lives up to its nickname “Species Factory”. Cruising Raja Ampat on a yacht is legendary and has a reputation as one of the top liveaboard dive destinations. However, the Archipelago does not fall short on land-based activities and things you can do. Other than the spectacular sea life, Raja Ampat’s highlights include vibrant wildlife with hundreds of bird species, numerous mammal species, and wonderful landscapes. The lush jungles of Raja Ampat, its abundant biological diversity, and the mix of indigenous cultures make it a utopian place and one of the best holiday destinations in the world. Explore Raja Ampat yacht charters and do what you have erver dreamt of. 

Is it worth going to Raja Ampat?

Embarking on this journey and travelling to such a remote region of Indonesia can be challenging and comes with long hours of travel. But it is definitely worth visiting the region. Raja Ampat has so much to offer that it is almost impossible to give an overview of all the things to do there. Every journey is different, and all of us have certain preferences for what makes the perfect holiday experience. Looking back on years of customizing cruises and creating unforgettable trips, here is our list of things to do in Raja Ampat. 

Waterfall Exploration trek to Batanta Waterfall

The four main Islands of Raja Ampat are a wonderful playground for discovering waterfalls and rivers.
Nearby the Village of Arefi on Batanta Island, hidden in the lush green, lays Batanta waterfall. On the trek to the waterfall, you will spot some inhabitants of the jungle. There is a hidden cave behind the waterfall and a natural pool you can swim in. It is a perfect day trip.

Waigeo Waterfalls

Other waterfalls worth visiting are on the Island of Waigeo. They are still largely covered in untouched rainforest and are two hidden gems that await you. About a two-hour drive from Waisai you will find two waterfalls in a protected patch of forest. Take a dip and refresh in the natural water pools while listening to the sound of the jungle. Exploring waterfalls in the jungle is an adventure for the entire fam

Waterfall Explorations on Batanta Island

Turtle Breeding Areas of Raja Ampat

The northwest of Raja Ampat is a major breeding area for Green Sea and Hawksbill turtles. Turtles come ashore at Sayang and Piai Island almost every night. If you want to see the baby turtles hatching, you need to spend more than one day at the islands. However, treat the areas with respect and care, especially when exploring them with your children. 

Hike Piaynemo For Best View in Raja Ampat

One of our favorite activities is hiking Piaynemo Island for the best view over the Archipelago. The sublime scenery of jungle-covered islands is worth seeing from the highland. It is more than just an Instagram spot. Looking at the enchanting island covered in lagoons, narrow channels, inlets, caves and ragged rocks is truly breathtaking. 

Explore Raja Ampat on a Luxury Yacht

Mystical lagoons and caves of Misool

Being one of the four major islands of Raja Ampat, Misool is divided into different areas. The most famous areas are Fiabecet (Southeast Misool), Wayilbatan, Boo Area and Pele Area. A highlight of the area is the Tomolol Cave with its crystal-encrusted walls and giant stalactites. The famous dive site of Fiabecet is called Cathedral Rock and offers a peculiar rock formation. It pierces through the island to up to 5 meters in height and creates a beautiful landscape. We highly recommend it for the keen divers among you!

Raja Ampat Pearl farm at Alyui Bay

Another highlight of Raja Ampat is visiting the ATLAS pearl farm at Alyui Bay, on the western coast of Waigeo. There you will find some of the world’s best South Sea pearls. It is remote but pristine and more than worth visiting. A pearl from the most remote corner of Raja Ampat is the best souvenir to bring home. 

Kayaking and Paddleboarding are popular activities on a cruise

Sea kayaking in Misool

This is definitely a must-do in Raja Ampat! Both the Wayilbatan and Boo Area of Misool offer breathtaking sceneries for sea kayaking. One of the most spectacular Raja Ampat highlights you can experience next to diving. Discover the hidden lagoons with your kayak. We promise their mystical beauty will leave you speechless. After all these physical activities you will be rewarded by ending your day with a stay-over at one of these hidden lagoons (personal favorite).

Watch a Sunset

Exploring this remote region of Indonesia on a boat gives you the possibility to catch the best sunsets ever. Watching the sun set over the ocean is a sensual experience that cannot be put in words. Gazing at this unparalleled masterpiece of art with a cold drink, a glass of wine or over dinner from the deck of your yacht will create unforgettable memories. It will connect you to our true nature. And the good thing is there are sunsets everyday!

Most stunning Sunsets on a Raja Ampat yacht charter

Low tide explorations in Raja Ampat

With a two-meter variation between low and high tide, the sandbanks and reefs exposed during low tide are numerous and worth exploring. You will come across many corals and marine creatures. Walk along the uncovered sandbanks and fill your eyes with the beauty that is usually hidden underwater. Some of the best spots for low tide explorations are the sandbanks of Mansuar Kri, Waigeo, Wayag Island and Gam. Cruising Raja Ampat is not only for divers and water sports lovers. With more than 1000 Islands, of which only a few are inhabited, Raja Ampat is the perfect location for island hopping, beach lovers, and adventurers. 

So much more to do in Raja Ampat

As mentioned in the beginning, there are so many places to visit in Raja Ampat. We could go on and on. The Archipelago provides ample of opportunities for all kinds of explorers and families. Discovering the area on a boat and with an experienced crew will give you the chance to do things that bring more than joy during your holiday.

Explore Raja Ampat with us

Barefoot Cruising offers different itineraries for cruising the Archipelago of Raja Ampat. To suit everyone’s desires, we have created customized sample itineraries and are happy to accommodate your wishes. We are well acquainted with the area and our guides and staff are knowledgeable as to provide you with the best experience for your cruising adventure. Come explore the paradise of Raja Ampat with Barefoot Yachts!

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