How to get to Raja Ampat from Singapore, Hong Kong or Bali?

How to get to Raja Ampat? Whether you travel from Singapore, Hong Kong or Bali, plan to fly to Sorong Airport. Domine Eduard Osok Airport in Sorong is the main hub to get to Raja Ampat. The airport is reachable with direct flights from Jakarta, Makassar, Surabaya, Manado, and as of November 2023, also from Bali. Flights are usually operated by the following airlines:

  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Batik Air
  • Air Asia
  • Sriwijaya Air

Sorong, the largest city and the capital of the Indonesian province of Southwest Papua, is the gateway for yacht charters in Raja Ampat. Traveling to Raja Ampat takes some extra time and effort, but is certainly worth the way. The region is the crown jewel of cruises in Indonesia, boasting biodiversity, dramatic landscapes and the best dive sites in the world

Domine Eduard Osok Airport in Sorong

Getting to Raja Ampat from Singapore

To get from Singapore to Raja Ampat, the best way is to fly through Jakarta.
Singapore is a major South East Asian hub for accessing Indonesia from the US and Europe. Yacht charters in Raja Ampat are very popular with Singaporean residents.

Singapore Changi International Airport to Sorong Domine Eduard Osok Airport (SOQ)

  • Singapore (SIN) → Jakarta (CGK) → Sorong (SOQ)
  • Singapore (SIN) → Jakarta (CGK) → Makassar (UPG) → Sorong (SOQ)

Expert Tip Singapore to Raja Ampat:
Ask for VIP transfers in Jakarta when booking your yacht charter and domestic flights with Barefoot Yachts Indonesia.

The Hub of Asia – Singapore

How to Get To Raja Ampat from Hong Kong

To get from Hong Kong to Raja Ampat, the best way is to fly through Jakarta.

Hong Kong (HKG) → Jakarta (CGK) → Sorong (SOQ)

Expert tip getting from Hong Kong to Raja Ampat:
Garuda Indonesia is on the same international terminal as International Airlines and also offers international flights from Hong Kong to Jakarta. To get to Raja Ampat from Hong Kong, plan for a layover in Jakarta – ask us for VIP transfers and hotels in Jakarta.

The skyline of Hong Kong

Visiting Raja Ampat from Bali

As of November 2023, there are now direct flights from Bali to Sorong in Raja Ampat. The new domestic flight route was opened by Garuda this year to facilitate travel for tourists and extend the airline’s existing network of flights. Getting to Raja Ampat from Bali is now much easier and shorter due to the new route.

Flights from Bali Ngurah Rai Intl. Airport (DPS) to Sorong Domine Eduard Osok Airport (SOQ) are now available on Fridays and Sundays. For fares and exact flight times, please check online.

However, if you are on a roundtrip through Indonesia and want to visit other regions before getting to Raja Ampat, here are some airports with regular flights to Raja Ampat.

  • Jakarta (CGK) → Sorong (SOQ)
  • Makassar Sultan Hasanuddin Airport (UPG) → Sorong (SOQ)
  • Manado Sam Ratulangi Airport (MDC) → Sorong (SOQ)
  • Surabaya Juanda Airport (SUB) → Sorong (SOQ)

Nusa Penida in Bali

How much time do you need in Raja Ampat?

How much time should you plan for a yacht charter in Raja Ampat? The journey to the tropical paradise is quite long, and we highly advise you to schedule at least 12 – 14 days for your trip (including travel time). We believe it is better to give yourself and the people who travel with you enough time to enjoy the beauty of this special place without any stress. Rushing through airport terminals can be draining, especially when you travel with small children. Our dedicated and experienced team will assist you in planning your cruising holiday so that you can truly enjoy paradise on Earth. From the logistics of your flights to customized itineraries, we guide you through the entire process. 

Raja Ampat Good To Know

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