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A Raja Ampat yacht charter is the ultimate choice for cruising Indonesia. A private boat allows you the freedom and flexibility to explore the most remote corners of the Raja Ampat archipelago. To charter a private boat means customizing the cruise route and activities according to your preferences, such as; scuba diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, various land-based activities, free diving and yoga. The islands of Raja Ampat are one of the world’s most remarkable and bio-diverse places on Earth.

Hence, it is a mecca for nature lovers, scuba divers, keen snorkelers and bird watchers. A yacht charter is the most authentic way to explore the Raja Ampat archipelago with your family and friends. Moreover, cruising on our traditional pinisi yachts is suitable for adults and children alike.

Exploring the Indonesian islands of Raja Ampat on a private boat charter is a once in a lifetime experience, regardless of age.


Our selection of yachts is handpicked and chosen with our guests’ well-being and leisure in mind. We maintain a close relationship with only a limited number of boats, and offer the best service standards for boat charters in Raja Ampat in 2023.

Smart and safe

Plan your charter with a registered travel agency, adding a layer of security and dedicated service to your charter booking. We offer unbiased advice and act as your advocate. We offer a best-price guarantee for all our Raja Ampat yacht charters. 


Our private boat charters offer an experience beyond the reach of common holiday packages. Cruise back in time on a traditional pinisi yacht. Travel in style and comfort and explore the Indonesian archipelago from a unique perspective.

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Why go on A Raja Ampat boat charter?

Our customized Raja Ampat yacht charter service offers you a personalized way to design your private cruising adventure according to your budget, preferences and wishes.

Highlights and must see attractions during a Raja Ampat boat charter include exploring waterfalls, ancient ruins, traditional villages, snorkeling, diving with manta rays and so much more. From the lush green Batanta waterfalls and world-class snorkeling at Dampier Strait to ancient burial grounds, Raja Ampat is truly unique and diverse. Raja Ampat or “the Four Kings” lies on the eastern end of Indonesia, in West Papua. The archipelago consists of over 1,500 small islands. Cays and shoals surround the four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo.

Raja Ampat luxury yachts

Travel in style and do not miss out on any kind of comfort on a Raja Ampat luxury yacht charter. Discover the most remote virgin beaches and diving sites of Raja Ampat while enjoying exclusive accommodation and service onboard a private yacht with the highest service standards. Our selected range of luxury boats is chosen with your well-being and leisure in mind. Relax in the undisturbed privacy of the yacht and be entertained by a wide range of water sports and infinite land excursion possibilities. Take delight in breathtaking views and spend quality time with your family and friends. With a private luxury charter, you can truly explore paradise on Earth. Additional services, such as a private massage therapist, yoga instructors or nannies, are available on request.

Raja Ampat diving and snorkeling

Raja Ampat is the ultimate scuba diving playground of the world. With uncountable species of coral and marine life, the full-colour spectrum awaits you underwater. Dive at world-famous dive sites like Boo Rocks, Cape Kri, Batu Lima, Penemu, Pele, Tank Rock, Nudi Rock and Whale Rock. Diving in Raja Ampat is suitable for all levels and it is possible to take diving courses during your cruise. But the underwater world is not only for scuba divers. Snorkeling the reefs of Raja Ampat is spectacular as most marine life can be found in the first 5 meters of water. There is a great chance to see large marine animals such as manta rays or dugongs. Raja Ampat snorkeling expeditions are available as shared scheduled cruises with divers or as a private yacht charter. Dive and explore the most magnificent underwater life!

Raja Ampat adventure yachts

Our Raja Ampat adventure yachts are the perfect choice for families, groups of friends or keen scuba divers. You will live an authentic experience onboard a traditional pinisi yacht, equipped with modern amenities. Choose among the many marine activities, or just sunbathe and have a cold drink on the deck of your private yacht. Explore all day the infinite wonders of Raja Ampat and enjoy undisturbed quality time with family and friends. Many of our guests like to dive during their cruise, but stand-up paddle boarding, sea kayaking, as well as snorkeling, are popular activities during our Raja Ampat adventure cruises. Experience the journey of a lifetime and discover beautiful Raja Ampat with a tailor-made boat charter.

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Tailor-made itineraries to Raja Ampat

Whether you want to go scuba diving, snorkelling or fancy a combination of adventure and leisure, our destination specialists create the perfect itinerary for you. Each boat charter is different, and the detailed day-to-day itinerary and sites will be tailored to your preferences and according to weather and ocean conditions. Private charters offer more flexibility and luxury compared to scheduled cruises. We build the trip in accordance with your travel details and ensure a smooth and stress-free process. On board, your cruise director will assist you and map out the detailed day-to-day planning. Our sample itineraries will give you an idea of what your journey in Raja Ampat could look like. 

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