What are the Komodo National Park Fees?

Komodo National Park Fees are to be paid in IDR to Park authorities in Labuan Bajo or Rinca/Komodo Island. The Park Fees are subject to frequent chance. It can be a very difficult fully understand the Fee Structure, even if you can confidently speak and read Indonesian. In addition to the visitor fees, the boat must pay Entrance Fees, depending on type and size. Furthermore, a harbour clearance (depending on boat tonnage) must be obtained with the harbour authorities. Therefore, many traditional Schooners Cruising Komodo charge a flat Fee of 70-100$ in addition to the regular price in order to cover theses different fees.

Komodo National Park Fees for Cruising and Diving Komodo

National Park Fee per day: 150.000 IDR/person (Sundays & Public Holidays 225.000 IDR/person).
Scuba Diving extra fee per day: 25.000 IDR/diver.
Snorkeling extra fee per day: 15.000 IDR/snorkeler.

Komodo Fees for Excursion to Rinca Island (Komodo Dragons)

National park tax 2017 Komodo Island /Rinca Island: 50.000 IDR/person.
Trecking fee: 5.000 IDR/person.
Fee for Komodo Ranger/Guide: 80.000 IDR/group (max. 5 persons).

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