Sunda Island Cruise: Gili Islands to Komodo

Few areas in Indonesia can match the cultural and natural diversity that can be found along the route of this Sunda Island Cruise. Most outstandingly, the diverse topography boasts with towering active volcanoes, mountain ranges, jungle clad and dry savannah lowlands. All this on the edge of white sand beaches and an abundant underwater world. This cruise leads you from Lombok’s Gili Islands to the famous Komodo National Park. During this journey, you will cruise past the north of Lombok and Sumbawa. Our Yachts are often accompanied by dolphins and occasionally even whales on the way Cruising to Komodo. Go for a short trek in Moyo Island’s lush forests. Afterward, refresh yourself in the clear water of the waterfalls on the island. Moreover, explore Satonda’s mysterious volcanic lake. Finally, arrive at the plentiful reefs of the Komodo National Park. Cruising Komodo gives the chance to spot mantas a besides plenty of reef fishes. On the islands of Komodo National Park, you encounter the famous Komodo Dragons, the masters of their savannah’s territory.

Diving packages are optional on this cruise. Starting point of the Sunda Island Cruise are the Gili Islands/Lombok, ending point Labuan Bajo.

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Sunda Island Cruise: Lombok to Komodo Itinerary​

The highlights of a Lombok to Komodo Cruise include the lush Moyo Island, Satonda vulcanic Lake and of course the Dragons and Manta Rays of Komodo National Park. To just name a few.

Find our day-day sample itineraries below. Please note, each Cruise is different and the detailed day-day itinerary and sites will be tailored to suit guests’ preferences as well as to weather and ocean conditions. If you would like to visit a certain Land or Sea site, please let us know.


A Sunda Island Cruise starts from Lombok, close to the Gili Islands.Board the vessel in the early afternoon. After settling in on board and starting your trip with a refreshing welcome drink, introductionto the vessel and safety briefing.After, there is only one thing left: relax and enjoy the sunset, while steaming towards our first site: Moyo Island.


Arriving at Moyo in the morning, we moor at Labuan Haji, a remote bay in a traditional village. Local people will show us a natural pool and crystal-clear waterfall. After a short hike, reward yourself with a refreshing swim in the natural pool. Moyo also offers some excellent reefs close to Labuan Haji. After lunch we can go snorkelling or go ona dive.You can relax on the sundeck or try your luckfishing. We stay the nightmoored in one of the bays of Moyo Island.


In the morning, we explore another reef of Moyo Island and travel further east towards Satonda Island. There we discover a crater lake of an extinct volcano . This place is magical according to the locals. Bring an offering and hang it on one of the trees around the lake. Hence, a wish will become true. Swimming and snorkelling is a welcoming activity on Satonda’s lake and bay. Moreover the island is an environment for thousands of fruit bats flying around especially during sunset.After sunset we set sails and make our way east towards Komodo.


In the morning, we will arrive on the dry and remote Banta Island. This is the first outcrop island of the Komodo National Park we reach in our Sunda island Cruise. Here we go diving or snorkelling in the crystal clear waters around us. In the afternoon, we enter the National Park and moor Gili Lawa Darra, in the north of Komodo. It offers a specular view point over islands at sunset.


After breakfast, we explore one of the of the most splendid sites in the park on Gili Lawa Laut: a beautiful bay with crystal clear water and a white sandy beach. Some of the best snorkelling sites can be found around this island. The Sunda Island Liveaboard heads further south towards Karang Makassar, aka Manta Point, where often dozens of these gentle giants can be admired feeding on plankton in the current or performing dances.Towards the afternoon, we cruise towards Siaba Besar for some more excellent snorkelling and time to relax and swim.We will moor at a quiet place to spend the night.


The next morning, we head to the Ranger Station on Rinca Island. You will go on a guided walk in the national park. You’ll see the dragons, and if you are lucky, you may also see deers, monkeys, and wild buffalos. Back on the boat, we the go snorkelling or diving once again. Towards sunset we set sail to Kalong Island to see thousands of fruit bats ascending for their nightly hunt.

We spend the last night of Sunda Island Liveaboard in the bay of Siabar Besar or Sebayor Kecil.


In the morning we can go for a last swim, snorkel or dive. Then we will return to Labuan Bajo where we check out around midday.

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