Komodo National Park Fees 2024

Komodo National Park Fees are to be paid in IDR to park authorities in Labuan Bajo or Rinca/Komodo Island. It can be difficult to fully understand the fee structure, even if you can confidently speak and read Indonesian. The entrance ticket includes access to the entire national park and islands from Padar to Rinca. However, there is an additional fee for guides and activities in the park. Take the park fees into consideration when booking your Komodo yacht charter

  • Komodo National Park fee per weekday: 150.000 IDR/per person
  • Komodo National Park fee weekends and public holidays:  250.000 IDR/per person
  • Retribution for recreation and sports (Komodo): 100.000 IDR/ per person
  • Retribution for recreation and sports (Rinca): 100.000 IDR/ per person
  • Entrance Ticket Padar: 150.000 IDR/ per person
  • Ranger Fee Komodo: 120.000 IDR/ per group up to 5 people
  • Ranger Fee Rinca: 120.000 IDR/ per group up to 5 people
  • Hiking Fee Komodo: 5.000 IDR/ per person
  • Hiking Fee Rinca: 5.000 IDR/ per person
  • Wildlife observation Fee Komodo: 10.000 IDR/ per person
  • Wildlife observation Fee Rinca: 10.000 IDR/ per person
  • Canoeing Fee: 25.000 IDR/ per person
  • Diving Fee: 100.000 IDR/ per person
  • Snorkeling Fee: 50.000 IDR/ per person
  • Kanawa Island Fee: 100.000 IDR/per person
  • Boat parking Fee Rinca: 100.000 /IDR per boat
  • Boat parking Fee Kanawa: 100.000 /IDR per boat

Komodo Island is daily open from 6 am to 6 pm. You can purchase the ticket in the national park office in Labuan Bajo or at the entrance gate on the island. Please read more information on Komodo National Park and fees. Please note that the Komodo National Park Fees can be subject to unforeseen changes.  

Komodo Park fees for Rinca Island

Paying the Komodo National Park entrance fee gives you access to various places such as Rinca Island. There are no specific opening hours, but we highly recommend visiting the island only during the day and with a professional guide.

Komodo Park fees for boats

In addition to the park fees, boats and yachts must pay entrance fees, depending on the type and size of the boat. Furthermore, a harbor clearance (depending on boat tonnage) must be obtained with the harbor authorities. Therefore, many traditional boats cruising Komodo charge a fee of 40-45 USD per person / per day in addition to covering these different fees.

Why Komodo National Park fees?

Since 1991, Komodo National Park has been to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites and the region truly deserves it. To maintain the beauty of the area and to protect the countless species (above and underwater) residing there, national park fees are charged. 

Komdodo National Park Fees in 2024
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