What is the best time to sail in Komodo National Park

The best season to visit Komodo National Park is between September and November. However, the seasons in Komodo National Park are suitable for boat trips all year long. Each period provides you with a beautiful perspective on this unique and spectacular region of Indonesia. Discover the park throughout the year and enjoy an unforgettable adventure. Below, we will provide you with an overview of the different seasons Komodo has to offer. 

April to June

At this time of the year, the islands are green and lush since the rainy season has just ended. You can see many manta rays and Komodo dragons in the park around the month of June. Plus, there is a good chance to see whale sharks during this period. The sea is usually very clear and calm in the months of April to June. The green and dense landscape makes it a great time to visit Komodo National Park. Make sure that you bring along your camera to capture the beautiful lush nature of the islands.

Komodo National Park and its beautiful islands

July to August

This is the peak season in Komodo National Park. Calm seas and favorable weather conditions make it the perfect time to sail Komodo on a private boat trip. It might be a little more tricky to see Komodo dragons around this time, as it is mating season for them. Make sure that you book cruises, accommodation, and flights well in advance. Many flights, boats, and hotels are almost booked out at this time and last-minute bookings will be more expensive

September to Novemeber

The best time for sailing Komodo is September to November. It is manta season, whale season, and Komodo dragon season. Furthermore, you can spot sperm whales and whale sharks on their migration routes. In addition, you find discounts on accommodations and flights as there are not many tourists around at this time of the year. We highly recommend visiting the region at this time of the year, especially when you are into diving. 

Explore Komodo National Park on a yacht charter

December to March

The month of December is usually still good for sailing around Komodo. At this time, the sea is still calm, although it often rains at night. The first half of January is similar to December in terms of the weather at the park. After a busy Christmas, in January there are only a few yachts cruising Komodo. Towards March, the “Wet Season” starts. The islands of Komodo, however, tend to get less rain compared to the mainland of Flores. Komodo dragons are very active during this time of year. Although it is not manta ray season, you can occasionally spot the resident manta rays around Makassar Reef and Manta Alley. Also, the December to March period offers a good chance to encounter good conditions in the barely visited southern part of Komodo.

What time should you visit Komodo?

As with many other things in life, it comes down to your preferences. Visiting Komodo National Park has merits all year round, but the seasons vary in terms of weather, availability of boats, and conditions of the oceans. It also depends on whether you want to cruise in the region with your family or as a group of adventurous divers. Contact us for your customized Komodo yacht cruise experience. We provide dedicated service and assist you in planning your dream vacation.

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