Best Places to stay in Labuan Bajo 2023

Labuan Bajo is becoming a major tourist hub in Indonesia and offers a variety of places to stay. If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to the best hotels and places to stay in Labuan Bajo, we selected some for you.

Is Labuan Bajo worth visiting?

The town of Labuan Bajo is the starting point of a Komodo Yacht Charter. Nearly all private yachts and liveaborads depart from there. Apart from being the major harbor town in Flores, Labuan Bajo can be worth visiting for other reasons, too. Enjoying the remarkable view from one of the restaurants or secret viewpoints that are nestled in the hills can be one. However, our favorite thing to do in Labuan Bajo is a trip to Rangko Cave. The beautiful cave is close to the town and can be explored with a motorbike or a guided tour. After your tour to the cave, go and visit the fish market – the perfect place to mingle with the locals. 

Is Labuan Bajo expensive?

There is something for every budget in Labuan Bajo. Due to the growth of the town and the striving tourism in Komodo National Park, Labuan Bajo offers accommodation for adventure travelers, backpackers and luxury travelers alike. But what are the best places to stay? 

Labuan Bajo Best hotels and resorts

Best Hotels and Resorts in Labuan Bajo

We will start our list with the more luxurious resorts and hotels in Labuan Bajo and work our way down to the more budget-friendly places. Please also bear in mind that there are seasonal fluctuations in price and occupancy rates for the hotels and resorts mentioned.

Ayana Komodo Resort, Waecicu Beach

Ayana Komod Resort

The Ayana Komod Resort is the perfect luxury experience in Komodo. It is directly located on the beach and is ranked as one of the best 5-star hotels in Labuan Bajo. It offers free parking, very fast Wi-Fi, a gym and babysitting service on request. All rooms are equipped with air-con and plenty of storage space. The breakfast is included and worth not missing. 
Budget: $$$

Plantaran Komodo Resort and Spa

Located in a tranquil cove of Waecicu Beach, Plantaran Komodo Resort and Spa is pure bliss. The private villas are designed in the traditional Javanese style and offer a luxurious stay with all comfort. The staff is highly trained and will fulfill all your wishes to the best of their abilities. If you want to spoil yourself and enjoy a few days of pure luxury, the Plantaran is the peferct choice for honeymooners and families. 
Budget: $$$

Sudamala Resort, Komodo

Sudamala Resort, Labuan Bajo Komodo

During your stay at Sudamala, Labuan Bajo you can immerse yourself in the local culture and community. You will have the opportunity to truly experience Sudamala’s deep devotion to Flores and its unique interpretation of the region. Especially the restaurant. It features a roof inspired by the traditional Wae Rebo style, while specially commissioned tiles reflect the marine and cultural heritage of Flores to add a touch of authenticity. Great experience!
Budget: $$$

Bintang Flores Hotel

That is a classic. If you ask people who have been to Labuan Bajo, they will recognize this name. It is a 4-Star hotel and with high-speed internet, a small gym and a private beach in front of the hotel. It features a large meeting room and can be used for conferences and bigger events. The rooms are clean and the staff is super friendly. Good choice for your event.
Budget: $$

Puri Sari Beach Hotel

Puri Sari Hotel Labuan Bajo

Another Labuan Bajo classic. Puri Sari Beach Hotel is located a bit off the hustle and bustle of the town and provides a peaceful atmosphere. All rooms feature a private balcony with sea or garden view and air-con. The outdoor restaurant is well-known for its delicious treats, and the private pool offers plenty of space to swim and relax at. The lovely decoration of the rooms makes that place unique and worth staying at. Good for families and couples.
Budget: $$

La Cecile Hotel & Cafe Labuan Bajo

La Celie Hotel Komodo Labuan Bajo

The family-friendly hotel is located close to Tado village and provides all the amenities you need. All rooms are equipped with air-con and desks. The restaurant offers a variety of meals and drinks. The pool invites you for a swim and offers a great view of the town. For guests, there is free parking and a shuttle service is provided on request. Overall, a good choice for a short stay in Labuan Bajo.
Budget: $$

Hotel La Belle Etoile Komodo

Hotel La Belle Etoile Komodo Labuan Bajo

This family-friendly hotel is located close to many of the famous restaurants in Labuan Bajo and gives you easy access to the town. It offers free Wi-Fi, children’s activities and free parking for guests. Rooms are equipped with air-con, mosquito nets and electronic kettles. It is a reasonable choice for budget travelers. 
Budget: $

As you can see, Labuan Bajo offers a great variety of hotels, resorts and B&Bs. The town also has much to offer when it comes to good restaurants and fine dining. We only mentioned a few hotels and places. In case you need further details or suggestions in terms of accommodation, we are more the happy to assisst you in any way possible. 

Is Labuan Bajo safe?

This is a frequently asked question by our guests. The answer is simple: Yes, Labuan Bajo is safe and travelers do not have to worry about it. However, it must be said that with all growing tourist destinations, common sense is recommended. Rude and disrespectful behavior may cause issues with the local community. Storing your valuables in safety boxes and taking your car or motorbike keys with you is always a good idea, no matter the hotel or place you stay. 

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