The best dive sites of Komodo

Looking for the best dive sites in Komodo? You are in the right place. Komodo is located in Indonesia, and it’s known for its world-renowned diving opportunities. The area offers a great selection of beautiful dive sites and is the ideal place for a boat charter or a liveaboard experience. With its abundance of sea and land highlights, the holiday destination is the perfect choice for divers, families, or couples who are keen to explore some of the most amazing landscapes and underwater life in the world. 

Is Komodo good for diving?

Yes! Komodo National Park is an excellent destination for divers who search for adventure and incredible dive sites. The park features countless marine life, including manta rays, reef sharks, sea turtles, and countless species of fish. With its crystal-clear waters and breathtaking underwater scenery, Komodo is an unparalleled diving destination. Whether you are a seasoned diver or just starting out, Komodo National Park offers plenty of dive sites for you. With its stunning beauty and natural wonders, it is no wonder why Komodo is quickly becoming one of the world’s most sought-after diving and holiday destinations. Embark on a beautiful journey and explore one of the best areas for diving on the planet.

Discover Komodo National Park on a private yacht charter

What is the best time to diving in Komodo?

The diving season in Komodo typically runs from April to November. During the dry season, when the weather is generally sunny, and the seas are calm, the water temperature ranges from 26-30 °C (79-86 °F), making it comfortable to dive in a 3mm wetsuit. The visibility during this period is excellent and can often exceed 30 meters (100 feet). This provides divers and snorkelers with stunning views of the diverse marine life in the area. During the time of April to November, divers can expect to encounter a variety of species, including reef sharks, sea turtles, and a wide range of tropical fish. This time period sets the perfect scenario for underwater photographers, too. 

Beginner Dive Sites in Komodo

One important thing to note is that the currents around Komodo can be strong and unpredictable, and diving in this area is generally recommended for experienced divers or those diving with a professional guide. However, there are still amazing dive sites for beginners or people who are keen to explore the remarkable underwater world by snorkeling.

The beautiful underwater world of Komodo

Sebayur Kecil

Sebayur Kecil is a popular dive site in the Komodo National Park in Indonesia. It is known for its beautiful coral gardens, clear waters, and abundant marine life, making it a must-visit destination for divers and snorkelers. The site features several coral bommies that are inhabited by an array of critters like nudibranchs, octopuses, and crustaceans. In general, the diving conditions at Sebayur Kecil are good. Calm waters and good visibility make the site suitable for both beginners and experienced divers. The location is easily accessible from Labuan Bajo.

Tatawa Besar

Tatawa Besar features one of the most pristine reefs in the park area. You are greeted by a combination of soft and hard corals when entering the site. The dive site is covered in staghorn corals, and you can easily spot a few turtles relaxing in the fields of corals. Going around the corner, you will gently start to drift. This gives you the opportunity to look for nudibranchs, shrimp, and other macro wildlife. The site is great for beginner dives and is considered to be open-water friendly.

Karang Makasaar or Manta Point Komodo

This site is also located in the central area of Komodo National Park and offers a high chance of spotting manta rays. Diving at Karang Makassar or Manta Point is an incredible experience for those who love marine life. In addition to manta rays, divers can also spot a variety of other sea creatures such as reef sharks, turtles, or schools of colorful fish. Moreover, the outstanding visibility creates perfect conditions for underwater photography. Even though it is considered to be a beginner’s site, it is necessary to check the current before entering. 

Siaba Besar Aka Turtle City

With an average depth of 12 meters (40 ft) and a sandy bottom, the site is often used for courses and beginner dives. There, you will spot turtles, cuttlefish, whitetip reef sharks, and blue-spotted stingrays. In addition to diving, the site is also suitable for snorkeling and night dives. It really deserves its nickname Turtle City. 

Advanced dive sites in Komodo

In case you have plenty of diving experience and are keen on some adventure, the following dive sites may offer some fun. The currents are stronger at these dive sites and allow for more advanced dives. Be careful and calculate the risk you are taking wisely. 

Diving at Batu Bolong

This underwater pinnacle with an average depth of 15 meters is situated in the center of the Lintah Strait. The dive site offers an unforgettable experience. The currents create a whirlwind of activity, making it feel like you’re diving in a bustling aquarium. At Batu Bolong, divers are forced to limit their dives to the lee side due to the strong downward surges created by the currents hitting one side of the rock. This means you’ll have the opportunity to experience two entirely different dives depending on the direction of the current. Batu Bolong is home to an incredible variety of marine life, including healthy coral, large pelagic fish, sharks, turtles, and an impressive variety of reef fish.

Famous dive site Batu Bolong from above

Castle Rock dive Site

This dive site is considered to be in the top 3 of the Komodo National Park. The dive site is situated in the open sea and is characterized by a pinnacle that rises from the seafloor to just below the surface of the water. The pinnacle is covered in colorful corals and boasts a diversity of sea life, including tuna, giant trevallies, reef sharks, and some turtles. The dive itself can be challenging due to strong currents, but it is also rewarding for experienced divers who are comfortable with drift diving. The average depth is around 15 meters (50 ft). This is one of our favorite dive sites in Komodo, and it certainly deserves a top 3 ranking!

The Cauldron

The dive site known as “The Cauldron” derives its name from its unique shape, which is split into two distinct sides. One side features a deep and round-shaped bowl with walls decorated with gorgonian fans and soft corals. This side also displays a narrow pass that can propel divers to the other side, where they will encounter a network of edgy canyons and channels. During the first half of the dive, divers can leisurely glide along the walls and marvel at the vibrant orange colors. If time allows, it is possible to search for pygmy seahorses hidden among the gorgonian fans. The maximum depth of this site is 25  meters (80 ft) and should be only dived by advanced divers.

Sea Turtle exploring the waters of Komodo National Park

Three Sisters

And last on our list is the dive site Three Sisters. This dive spot is located in the south of Komodo National Park and features an average depth of 15 meters (50 ft). The max depth at this site can go to 40 meters (130 ft). This hidden gem features three submerged rocks situated just 10 meters (30 ft) apart from each other, surrounded by pristine coral growth and an abundance of marine life. It is truly a breathtaking site. Although they’re not marked on any charts, these submerged rocks rise 3 to 5 meters (10 to 17 ft) from the surface, creating an incredible diving opportunity for experienced divers. However, the dive site is only accessible with a bit of swimming, but it’s well worth the effort. The Three Sisters in the south of Komodo National Park are located approximately 100 meters (330 ft) from a smaller reef that juts out on the eastern side of the island, making it an ideal location for divers to explore. It’s important to note that the site can be affected by stronger currents.

What is the best dive site in Komodo?

After our small selection of beautiful and unique dive sites, you probably ask yourself what is the best dive site in Komodo? It really comes down to your preferences and skills. However, all the selected areas and spots are worth visiting and provide excellent diving. Adventurers, photographers and professional divers alike will be taken away by the beauty of Komodo National Park and what the region has to offer. 

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