Komodo Visitor Numbers Limited by New Regulations in 2018?

The Authorities of Komodo National Park plan on limiting  the number of visitors to the Park in 2018 through  new regulations.

The head of the Komodo National Park Authority, Sudiyono, said: “The limitation of the number of visitors will be set for every destination (within the park), both on land and at diving locations.” The park consists of about 30 islands and various popular dive spots.Plants and animals found nowhere else on the planet have flourished in the largely untouched Indonesian archipelago for thousands of years, in particular the famous dragons along with various other Highlights.The number of visitors to the Komodo National Park continues to grow quickly every passing year. This is a possible result of the aggressive promotion Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism, in an effort to bring more travelers to places other than Bali.

 According the the Komodo Park Authority, setting a maximum number of visitors will dramatically help protect the many rare flora and fauna that call these islands home.

He said the limit on travellers would help minimize the negative effects of growing tourism. and there might by changes to the Park Entrance Fees of Komodo NP. The rising number of visitors could threaten the natural habitat of many fragile species.

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