News: Komodo Island closure canceled for 2020

On Monday 30.9.2020 , Indonesia’s environment and forestry minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar, said the plan to close Komodo Island 2020 has been canceled according to the Jakarta Post and The Guardian.

Earlier in July 2019, East Nusa Tenggara province officials announced that the island would be closed for one year – starting from January 2020 as a protection measurement for the large lizards.

There have been a widely spread misinterpretation under tourists that the UNESCO world heritage Komodo National Park would be entirely closed – the plan always was that all other islands of the park remain open. This also would include Rinca Island, which also is the habitat of the Komodo Dragons.

According to Environment and Forestry Minister, the reason this plan has been canceled is that the population of Dragons has been stable and no research is available to support the statement that tourism would have a negative impact on the number of Komodo Dragons.

As for now in 2020 Komodo Cruises can also include Komodo Island again.

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