Cruise Sulawesi: The Land of Seafarers and Phinisi Schooners

Cruise Sulawesi for a distinctive set of culture, remote white sandy beaches and abundant coral reefs. South Sulawesi is a great, uncommonly cruised area with an extraordinary variety of land and sea sites. Selayar Island, Wakatobi, Bira and Takabonarate offer a unique perspective to truly emerge in the Essence of Cruising Indonesia. A Cruise to Southern Sulawesi can also be combined with a Komodo Yacht Charter.
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March until mid-May and mid-September until December


Sulawesi is suitable for Land & Sea Adventures as well as a Dive Liveaboard.


Makassar International Airport from Bali, Jakarta or Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Departure Port

Various smaller ports including Bira, Luwuk and directly in Wakatobi.

Bira: Phinisi Schooners and Diving

In our home port Bira, where many of our crews’ families live, the fascinating construction of traditional wooden boats has a long heritage. It’s a breathtaking journey into another world visiting the boat builders in the neighbouring village Tanah Beru as well as in Ara. The locals crafting traditional Phinisi Schooners directly on the beach. Dive sites around Bira include Palau Kambing, Liukang Loe Island and the Bira Cape. White- and blacktip shark sightings are frequent. Moreover, may be lucky to encounter other large pelagics.The shallow parts of the reefs offer excellent snorkelling and are great locations to begin or end a Liveaboard cruise to South Sulawesi.

Bira boat building

Traditional wooden Phinisi Yachts in Bira.

Selayar Island: South Sulawesi Diving

South Sulawesi Diving offer one of the best Wall Reefs  in Indonesia. The reef is situated just off the coast. Thus the lagoons for a refreshing swim and enjoyable snorkel are easily accessible. The white sandy beaches are a perfect location for bonfires before sunset. Selayar Island is on the Way back from Komodo and is frequently visited in November/ December when Cruising back to Bira for annual maintenance. The Return Way is in March/April is a goof time for a Sulawesi Liveaboard and inbetween Cruises with in the area around Bira, Selayar are possible.

Selayar Island Beach during yacht Cruise

Selayar Island offers some of the best wall diving in indonesia and untouched white sand beaches.

Taka Bonerate Cruise: Remote Atoll Reefs

A Taka Bonerate Cruise will take you to some of the remotest areas of Indonesia.
Taka Bonerate is an archipelago in the Southern Sulawesi Islands. It means “coral islands over sand”. It is the biggest atoll in Indonesia and the third biggest in the world. The atoll reef is a national park since 1992. It expands over 220,000 hectares and includes about 21 atoll islands, including Tinabo, Tinanja, Latondu and Rajuni. Inhabitants live on seven of the atoll islands. In Takabonerate there is also a chance to visit the Bajau Laut Sea Gypsies. The other 14 islands have remained remote places. Just imagine lonely, smooth sandy beaches, lush trees, eye-catching reefs and the diversity of marine life. The coral islands are interspersed by narrow, deep, sheer-walled straits. It’s a dive explorer’s paradise. There is a good chance to snorkel and dive with large pelagics, such as marbles and manta rays.
However, the islands have been frequently bombed in the past and many Reefs are destroyed. So, a sense for Adventure and Exploration is needed when Cruising these remote islands.

Take Bonarate liveaboard Cruise

Taka Bone Rate – the 3rd biggest Atoll Reef in the world – only explored by very few travellers.

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