Lombok yacht charter: Gili Islands and beyond

A Lombok yacht charter is a great addition to a holiday in Bali or a visit to the Gili Islands. Lombok is especially suitable for short private charters for groups of friends or families with children – cruising south toward the secret Gili Islands. Alternatively, Lombok and the Gili Islands can also be departure points for routes towards Sumbawa, Moyo island, and Komodo National Park charters. Inquire now for a Lombok yacht charter to cruise around Lombok, the Gili Islands, Secret Gilis, Moyo Island and beyond with Barefoot Yachts Indonesia!

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Lombok and Gili Islands boat charters

The Gili Islands are one of the most demanded boat charter destinations around Lombok. However, the islands are located close to each other and are only suitable for day trips such as birthdays or hens and bachelor parties. The Gili Islands are often departure points for longer routes including other islands in the south of Lombok. Sumbawa and Komodo National Park are worth visiting for a few days during a boat charter. The largest and busiest island, Gili Trawangan, offers a vibrant nightlife, a variety of good restaurants, and various resorts. Gili Meno is much quieter and a perfect alternative for people who want to relax and disconnect. Gili Air is a combination of both.

Turquoise waters surround the Gili Islands

Lombok’s Gili Islands

Gili Air is closest to Lombok mainland. It is the second-smallest island and provides a healthy mix of seclusion and adequate services. There are enjoyable snorkeling and scuba diving sites around the Gili Islands that are suitable for all levels. The Gili Islands are a great destination to do a scuba diving course before embarking on a private charter in Komodo or even Raja Ampat. The reef around the Gili Islands may not be considered as pristine divining. However, for beginners and children, the dive spots offer plenty to see, especially turtles. Tourism on these islands has boomed recently. But don’t worry – there are still plenty of deserted white sandy beaches and quiet spots. Gili simply means “small island” in the local language, Sasak. There are more than these the 3 Gili islands around Lombok’s coastline. For example, there are 11 more Gili Islands on the south-west coast. They are just around the corner along Lombok’s coastline.

Magical Sunsets during your stay on Gili Air

West Lombok Boat Charters

A boat charter to Lombok’s west coast holds the island’s best-kept secrets: The Secret Gili Islands of Sekotong Bay. Gili Gede, Gili Nanggu and their eleven siblings feature a series of stunning bays set against a backdrop of green hills and fields. Unlike the more famous islands in the northwest of Lombok, the southwest Gilis are mainly unpopulated and off the radar for most tourists. Thus, we call them the Secret Islands.

Boat Charters to Lombok's Sekotong

Floating in the pristine turquoise waters, Sekotong Bay pictures a deserted beach idyll. There are many shallow reefs to explore, either snorkeling or scuba diving. Try your luck fishing, stroll along the picturesque beaches and feel the fine sand between your toes. Make a beach bonfire on a remote beach and enjoy a cold drink. In addition, there are several viewpoints on Gili Gede that you can hike. Have an unforgettable time of snorkeling, relaxing, and swimming through crystal clear waters on these hidden gems.

Scuba diving and snokelling are popular activities

Explore Lombok and the Secret Gili Islands

Cruise to Lombok, Gili Islands and Sekotong Bay on a private yacht charter and discover the secrets that these beautiful places have to offer. Or just visit the islands before you continue your journey to Komodo National Park and Raja Ampat. Exploring the Indonesian archipelago on a boat is more than a holiday. A yacht charter takes you on a luxurious adventure through spectacular landscapes and lost paradises. Our dedicated team will assist you in planning your dream vacation. From the choice of boat to your customized cruise itinerary, Barefoot Yachts Indonesia is here to guide you through the process.  

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