Sumbawa Cruising & Moyo Island Diving

Cruising Sumbawa and  Moyo Island Diving  is a popular choice to combine with other destination – Located between the islands of Komodo to the east and Lombok to the west. Sumbawa Island is situated in the heart of the Ring of Fire. Sumbawa’s diverse topography features towering active volcanoes, lush forest mountain ranges and dry savannah lowlands, surrounded by an abundant underwater world. The remote islands along the western end of Sumbawa provide picturesque settings of white sandy beaches and the turquoise ocean. It is the perfect location for a sunset beach BBQ on the last evening of a liveaboard cruise before returning to Lombok. Moyo Island Diving understated. It is mistakenly considered as just a convenient port of call during dive liveaboards for the better dive sites further to the east. But Sumbawa offers excellent dive sites as well. It has its own large schools of reef fish and pelagics. Dive sites include Car Park, the Tractor Wreck, Muck diving sites in the Bima inlet and of course – the atoll reefs around Sumbawa’s hidden gem – Moyo Island.

Moyo Island Highlights

Remote, authentic and natural describe Moyo Island best. It is a hidden paradise still unknown to the majority of tourists.A visit to Moyo Island takes the traveller on an adventure of discovery. Immense marine and land life provide an escape from reality. Man and nature still blend in harmony in that far away land. The island on the north coast of Sumbawa is only inhabited by 1,000 people in six villages, making a living by farming and fishing.

Moyo Island Sumbawa’s lush forests offer a great chance to see various wildlife. Visitor can often see monkeys, wild cattle, deers and monitor lizards. The breathtaking waterfalls Mata Jitu and Diwu Mbai are ultimate sites to cool down. Jump and play in the turquoise, crystal clear waters. For longer island visits you may even trek to Moyo Island’s bat cave.

The outer reefs of Labuan Haij are packed with sponges and corals and a multitude of colourful reef fish inhabits these reefs. The visibility is usually very high, so watch out the blue for hunting pelagics and reef sharks .


Satonda Island with its volcanic crater-lake is a charming beauty and must see. By hanging a stone or piece of coral in the trees, the lake grants visitors a wish. You are welcome to make your own wish! The island Satonda offers relaxed diving or snorkelling in the surrounding reefs after a visit to the lake.

Diving Sangeang Vulcano

Gunung Sangeang is the huge volcano thrusting out of the ocean. It lies in the north-east of Sumbawa. It is one of the most active volcanoes in the Lesser Sunda Islands and erupted frequently in the past. The last time was in May 2014. Sangeang’s dive sites offer excellent muck and wall diving. Deep Purple, Black Magic and Bubble Reef. The sites feature black volcanic sands, ancient lava flows and underwater volcanic hot springs distinguish the area. The Vulcano is already in reach of the famous Komodo National Park and stops in Sangeang for Diving Liveaboard to and from labuan bajo are common. On Sangeang there are also Land Sights like a traditional Phinisi Boat Building Village and Freshwater Rivers.

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Moyo Cruises

Land & Sea Adventures as well as Dive Liveaboards

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Bali International Airport, Lombok or Labuan Bajo.


Private Boat Charters and scheduled cruises are available from Lombok and Komodo to Moyo Island and Sumbawa.

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Best during dry season from April until November.

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