Cruising Indonesia with Kids

Cruising Indonesia with Kids is a wonderful experience. As with any small or big excursion one plans with kids, you undergo a process of preparing, traveling and enjoying the destination. You have to take precautions and be vigilant while still giving your kids space to learn and play. The most important thing to have is a positive attitude about exploring Indonesia with your small ones. Kids love the Pirate Life, and on a traditional Schooner, they can experience exactly that. They adapt very quickly to the new environment on a boat and it’s a great experience for them, and a contribution to their personal development.

Travelling is a passion. Most people start travelling while they are not yet parents, and even then, it can feel scary sometimes to explore unknown destinations and set out into the world. To travel with children adds a whole new dimension to the picture. Image bringing your toddlers along, it might seem impossible, but it’s not. As it’s common to say; “Seeing the world through children’s eyes is the purest choice one can experience.”

The right destination for cruising Indonesia

Choosing the right destination to cruise is essential for your and your kids’ comfort. Especially with babies and toddlers, a calm cruising area with mild waves is best. The Secret Gili Islands in South Lombok are a perfect spot for families with young children. Reaching these Islands requires no additional flights from Bali, and there are plenty of sandy beaches with calm and shallow water to play in. Sailing Komodo National Park is another great destination for cruising through Indonesia with Kids. There are many beaches to visit like Pink Beach, Kanawa Island and Gili Lawa Darat. Among other activities, visiting the Wildlife and Dragons on Rinca and Komodo Island –with the protection of a ranger – is very exciting for kids and parents alike. We do not recommended to take long crossings and cruises to extremely remote Islands if your kids are still very young or first timers on a boat. As your kids grow older, go ahead and take them on a cruising adventure further into the wild.

Choose the right boat

The right boat for your cruising adventure does not have to be the most luxurious one. However, when cruising Indonesia, enough space and some western facilities often make life aboard more comfortable for everybody. When you chose a boat for cruising Indonesia, – especially with kids, – make sure the schooner has all necessary safety equipment. Life raft, life jackets in kids sizes and radio are a must. Check safety conditions such as the railing. Is it high enough for your kids and are spaces in-between poles too big? Sailing in Indonesia with kids can be great fun for everybody involved. A family friendly crew is important. Our Barefoot crews members love having children on board. To get the best of your cruise, share the boat with like minded people how take the needs of kids into consideration. Its recommended to charter a private boat when cruising in Indonesia with kids. A group of 4 – 10 friends or family members, including the children, is perfect for an individual cruising adventure.

On-board safety with Children

Listen carefully to the boat briefing at the beginning of the cruise. The engine room is one of the typical caution zones. Guests, above all kids, must not enter. Stairs and latter may be taken with great caution, facing backwards. The sundeck on many boats doesn’t feature a handrail. Hence, you have to take special caution and direct supervision when in this area. Especially at nighttime and during navigation. For young kids, an adult may be required to stay with the kid on board during activities, such as snorkeling or scuba diving.

Diving for Kids

Children can try scuba diving or even take a junior open water diver course from the age of 11. The certificate will be automatically upgraded to regular open water diver when turning 15. Indonesia is one of the best destinations in the world for diving. Cruising Indonesia is a great way to introduce your kids to scuba, especially if you already dive yourself or are about to learn it. Moreover, is it not fantastic to have common interests with your kids for future holidays?

Quick Check-list:

  • Pack some extra snacks (not too salty or sweet) –Ginger cookies and ginger ale helps with queasy stomachs.
  • Make sure your kids drink enough fluids during the day.
  • Your diaper bag is essential. – Bring everything you would normally carry: change of cloth, diapers, lotions, creams, and wipes.
  • Always carry a first aid kit with you – Including antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer.
  • Bring your kids favorite toys or some crayons and drawing paper.
  • Keep your kids in their comfort zone until they are ready for more. Do not push your kids to join any activities weather it be diving, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, or sea kayaking – you can offer options or they will come asking themselves.
  • Be realistic about cautions to take and communicate safety rules in a playful way without scaring them.
  • Trust the cruise director and Captain and communicate about your kids’ activities during the trip – they are professionals and know the boat and Cruising area very well.

Why choose Barefoot

The crew members of Barefoot Yachts are professional, dedicated and friendly people. We are committed to provide our guests with honest and tailored recommendations for choosing the right schooners when travelling with your family. Furthermore, we offer customized routes suitable for kids and families.

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