Surf Charter North Maluku

Our Surf Charter brings you to the remotest world-class surf breaks in Indonesia. This is the ultimate chance to discover virgin waves of the North Indonesian Pacific Ocean. The Cruise around Morotai in the Malukas for a true surfing adventure around remote islands. Around 600 islands that combine the area in here a huge potential for countless surf breaks. Besides, they offer a feast of beautiful bays, rugged coastlines and serene tropical solitude. Spectacular volcanoes, lush green jungle and crystal clear waters invite you to embark on our Surf Charter Cruise. Enjoy private surf breaks, away from the often crowed waves of Bali or Lombok. Cruise the islands of North Maluku from the privacy and comfort of a traditional Phinisi boat.


Consistent Surf from November to March

The North Maluku Islands are scattered in the North Eastern edge of Indonesia between Sulawesi and Papua. They face the open sea of the Pacific Ocean. Thus the monsoon season provides consistent surf from November until March. Additionally, September and October may even grant us with some typhoon swells generated up North in the Philippines. Nevertheless, winds are generally light and you can expect glassy days during this time.

World-class Breaks during Surf Charter in Indonesia

Cruising along these beautiful shorelines with private Surf Charter Indonesia will encounter a great variety of perfect waves. Our local crew will know the best bays to hit in any conditions. Here is just a brief idea of our top four picks in the area: Serenade: Left-hander that wraps around the reef. Make the ledgy take-off and tuck into the fast barrel before you smoothly roundhouse the second section. Sidewalk: Mellow small day option for easy, but long rides. Great option for longboarders, too. Indo Jiwa: Epic right-hander with hollow walls and a fast outside section. Access by land is very hard, so expect so be alone with your mates. Short Ledge: A good right, thick, high tide barrel on the side of a stunning bay. Your Surf Cruise Indonesia will start and finish in Tobelo island. The easiest way is to fly from Bali or Jakarta to the airport of Kao Tobelo city.

Surf Charter North Maluku

The itinerary during the Cruise will be adjusted to current conditions. There are options between a large number of different high quality waves. Our Surf Guide will choose of the spot in regard to swell, tide and wind to get you to the best waves. Let our Surf Cruise Indonesia bring you to North Moluccas – one of the Indonesian Archipelagos Surf Frontiers.