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Bali to Secret Gili Cruise 2- 3 Nights

Departing from Bali, this bali boat tour to Lombok’s Secret Gilis is a fantastic introduction to cruising if you only have limited time to spare.Nevertheless, does it offer the experience some of the secluded areas in the region

The Secret Gilis in Sekotong Bay boast spectacular beaches against a magnificent backdrop of green hills. They are mostly unpopulated and off-the-radar tomost tourists. Hence we call them the Secret Gili’s. They feature blue waters mixed with shallow, vivid coral reefs and white sand beaches lined with palm trees – true paradise.

A perfect place for a quiet time for swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing. There are many flawless locations to have a beach BBQ of freshly caught fish. Share a bottle (or two) of ice-cold beer with friends and family for some much-needed quality time.

Secret Gilis return transfer to Bali

There is the option to returning back to Bali quicker via Fastboat from South Lombok instead sailing with your vessel, relocation charges may apply.

Secret Gilis Bali Map
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Lombok Boat Charter: Itineraries

A Lombok Boat Charter is a perfect escape from the busy Bali for a time in natural surrounding with family and friends.

Find our sample itineraries below for Lombok Boat Charters from Bali and Gili Islands. Please note, each Cruise is different and the detailed day-day itinerary and sites will be tailored to suit guests’ preferences as well as to weather and ocean conditions. If you would like to visit a certain Land or Sea site, please let us know beforehand.

Secret Gili Islands Cruise: Explore West Lombok

Day 1: Departure from Bali to Lembongan and Secret Gili Islands

The cruise departs from Serangan Harbour.Upon arriving at the meeting point, the crew will welcomeyou aboard to start your cruise with some refreshing welcome drinks, a short introduction to the vessel and your safety. It’s time to get settled onboard and relax while cruising East. The cruise will pass by Nusa Lembongan and a short stop around the area is highly encouraged. This place is perfect for snorkeling, swimming, SUPing, or visiting amangrove forest. At sunset cruise towardsSouth Lombok.

Day 2: Secret Gili Islands

The next morning you will find yourself surrounded by colorful sails dottingthe horizon. These are tiny traditional fishing boats locally called “jukungs” on their morning quest for Tunas and Bonitas. You may also try your luck troll fishing in the early morning before your arrival on the Secret Gili Islands.Gili’s in Sekotong Bay consists of fourteen small islands within close proximity of each other. These paradise islands are luckily still unspoiled.

During your time on the Secret Islands, you will have plenty of time exploring the island, swimming, or snorkeling. Unwind and relax with your family and friends or go solo to read a nicebook or stroll along a white sand beach. Alternatively, you can visit the pearl farm in GiliAsahantosee thefarmingprocess of this only organic gemstone. As sunset comes closer,dine freshly caught fish and enjoya beach bonfire.

Relax in Gili Gede and Gili Nanggu

Day 3: Secret Gili Islands

The following morning, the vessel to moves closer to Gili Gede.This is the largest island of the Secret Gili Islands and offers a variety of activities for the adventurer in you: both on land and sea. You will definitely catch a bird’s eye view of the surrounding areas if you hikeup the lush hills.

It is hard to miss theseashorefilled with shells washed up on the coastand the temptation to take one home as you stroll around the beachfront is truly irresistible!

Maybe share a chit chat with the few local living on the island. You may discover they are as curious about you as you are about their lifestyle and culture!The island offers some great snorkeling and scuba diving sites. Spend the evening again with a bonefire on the beach . Alternatively, enjoy excellent Italian dinner in the only restaurant on the secret Gili Islands (excluded). Cruise back towards Bali after Sunset.

Day 4: End of cruise and arrival at Serangan Harbour

The day will start with breakfast and a last chance to exchange photos (and memories) with the crew. Bid farewell upon arrival at Serangan harbour in Bali.

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