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Raja Ampat Snorkeling Expedition

A Raja Ampat Snorkeling Expedition is a true voyage to paradise on Earth. The majestic landscapes and vivid underwater world makes this place truly one of the most beautiful and naturally gifted parts on the planet. This once-in-a-lifetime cruise will bring you through the captivating and magnificent labyrinth of straits.  Cruise by the ocean eroded landscapes of rugged and steep coastlines of thick, lush virgin rainforests. Go close to the shorelines to discover hidden beaches and lagoons for a nice relaxing day. Raja Ampat is the capital of marine biodiversity. About seventy percent of the recorded coral species on the planet live here. As a result, this place is number one marine biodiversity destination in the world. Discover plenty of fish species and swim alongside the majestic manta rays as a highlight of this trip. The region is a top diving destination. But that does not mean that only those who know how to dive can enjoy this marine diversity. You will be amazed that about ninety percent of marine life lives 4 meters below the water surface. So, Snorkeling is a great way to discover the secrets of “the kingdom of the four kings”. Apart from the scenic underwater views, Raja Ampat offers some of the most stunning top-side views in the world, too. You also do not need to be a seasoned birdwatcher  to witness the amazing bird life in this island. Inquire now for a Raja Ampat Snorkeling Expedition. We offer Scheduled Cruises as well as Private Boat Charters.

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