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Komodo to Sulawesi Liveaboard

A Komodo to Sulawesi Liveaboard will bring you from the famous Komodo National Park to Selayar and the Take Bone Rate Atoll. This is not a typical itinerary for tourists traveling to Indonesia. You will need to have somesense for adventurewhen choosing this route. For travelerslooking for magnificent sites a few handfuls get to see and experience, this cruise is a perfect match!Departingfrom the renowned UNESCO World Heritage of the Komodo National Park,this route will head north navigating tothe southern angleof Sulawesi.As you move along, there are plenty of chances to admire extraordinaryland and sea sites.The remote islands you will see alongthe way features a one-of-a-kindglimpseof the Indonesian Island culture and captivating underwater sceneries.

Selayar Island boasts of some of the best wall reefs in Indonesia. The islands secluded white sand beaches are truly an inviting spotfor bonfires and beach BBQs. The TakaBonerate Atoll is the third biggest atoll reef worldwide. Itis only visited by a fewtravelers every yearbutofferspostcard-worthysandy islands and a number ofundiscoveredcoral reefs. These unspoiled coral reefs offera good chance to meet large pelagic fishes while diving and snorkeling. You will also have the chance to admire the traditional boat building culture in this remote part of the Indonesia.

Cruising Season for South Sulawesi Liveaboards

This itinerary may be carried out as a Dive Liveaboard or Land & Sea Cruise in the month of changing monsoons.In October/November, the cruise departs from Labuan Bajo or backwards from Bira to Labuan Bajo in March/April. Inbetween Cruises around South Sulawesi Coast and Islands are possible.

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