Komodo to Sulawesi Liveaboard

A Komodo to Sulawesi Liveaboard will bring you from the famous Komodo National Park to Selayar and the Take Bone Rate Atoll. This is not a typical itinerary for tourists traveling to Indonesia. You will need to have some sense for adventure when choosing this route. For travelers looking for magnificent sites a few handfuls get to see and experience, this cruise is a perfect match! Departing from the renowned UNESCO World Heritage of the Komodo National Park,this route will head north navigating to the southern angle of Sulawesi. As you move along, there are plenty of chances to admire extraordinary land and sea sites. The remote islands you will encounter along the way feature a one-of-a-kind glimpse of the Indonesian Island culture and captivating underwater sceneries.

Selayar Island boasts of some of the best wall reefs in Indonesia. The island’s secluded white sand beaches are truly an inviting place for bonfires and beach BBQs. The Taka Bonerate Atoll is the third biggest atoll reef worldwide. It is only visited by a few travelers every year but offers postcard-worthy sandy islands and a number of undiscovered coral reefs. These unspoiled coral reefs offer good chances to meet large pelagic fish while diving and snorkeling. You will also have the chance to admire the traditional boat building culture in this remote part of the Indonesia.

Cruising Season for South Sulawesi Liveaboards

This itinerary may be carried out as a Dive Liveaboard or Land & Sea Cruise in the month of changing monsoons. In October/November, the cruise departs from Labuan Bajo or backwards from Bira to Labuan Bajo in March/April. In between Cruises around South Sulawesi Coast and Islands are possible.

cruise Komodo Sulawesi Crossing

Komodo to South Sulawesi Cruise Itinerary

Please note, this is a sample itinerary. Each Cruise is different and the detailed day-day itinerary and sites will be tailored to suit guests’ preferences well as to weather and ocean conditions. Private Charters are more flexible in the itinerary compared to scheduled Cruises. Your Cruise Director will work with you on the detailed day/day planning once onboard. 


The day will start as you meet in the starting point in Labuan Bajo. The crew will welcome you with a refreshing drink and give a short tour around the vessel. A short briefing about safety will be discussed and after that, it is time to get settled to start the cruise. The cruise will depart from Labuan Bajo en route towards your first stop: the Komodo National Park.

DAY 2 & 3 | KOMODO

The scenic beauty of the world-famous Komodo National Park is a true sight to behold. Waking up in the waters of the famous Komodo National Park, divers will definitely want to visit the best dive sites in the area such as Crystal Rock, Batu Bolong, or Golden Passage to make the most of the time spent there. Apart from diving, the park also highlights a great variety of excellent snorkeling sites such as the renowned Karang Makassar, also known as the Manta Point. This site often features more than a dozen mantas dancing along or floating right next swimming idly by.

This world-famous park is as abundant in the land, as it is at sea. While on land, the dragons of Komodo National Park will welcome you as you do a trek on the island. Apart from the dragons, various other wildlife animals such as pigs, deers, monitor lizards, and buffalos are also roaming freely in their natural habitat.

Your visit to the Komodo National Park will end with a visit at viewpoints on Gili Lawa Darat, offering a panoramic sunset over the islands of the entire national park. Cruising north overnight.


Diving (or snorkeling) enthusiasts will definitely marvel at the excellent coral gardens thriving on the southeast of the passage of Pulau Jampea. You may also see from the traditional local oyster divers living in the island using hookah to deliver through air. It’s a high-risk job, and a lot of divers experienced this common diver’s ailment typically known as “the bends” or decompression sickness at any point in time.

Within the day, you will also visit Kalau Island – a larger island surrounded with excellent and vibrant coral reefs.

Apart from diving and snorkeling, miggle with the local people living a very isolated life as this is a very remote region of Indonesia. You might be amazed by their simple and content lifestyle amidst being away from “civilization”, but they will be very interested in you as rare visitors, as well.
The day will end as the cruise makes its way towards Selayar Island or Taka Bonerate Atoll.


The crystal-clear and vivid water on the eastern region of the Selayar Island is like looking at the other side of a glass. This place boasts of vibrant coral-covered walls in excellent condition for diving and snorkeling. The reef is located just a short distance from the coast – so there are plenty of chances to swim and snorkel in the nearby lagoons. There are good chance to encounter various large pelagic fish in the area and even dugong sightings have been reported in some secret bays! The powdery white sand beaches of Selayar are perfect for bonfires and beach BBQs to spend a blissful and relaxing afternoon. After a sumptuous meal, explore the hidden waterfalls or remote villages in the area to see the idyllic lifestyle of the locals. 
The day will end sailing towards Bira.


Slightly over the southern side of Bira lies Pulau Kambing – a place known for the many white and black tipped reef sharks swimming over the plateau in relatively shallow water.
Bira has a number of good diving and snorkeling sites such as the Lighthouse Reef. Apart from scenic views, arriving in Bira is similar to a homecoming scene as most of the crews are locals living in this area. Get up close and learn about the traditional local boat building trade while visiting the neighboring village of Tanah Beru. This place is widely known for crafting traditional wooden schooners directky on the beach, locally known as Phinisi. Paying a visit to this village will allow you to take a glimpse of their traditional boat-making method personally.

Day 8 | BIRA

This day marks the end of the cruise in Bira. Take a local transportation towards Makassar International Airport to bid farewell to this amazing journey.

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