Moyo Island Cruise Land & Sea

The Moyo Island Cruise gives you a authentic taste of cruising within a relatively short period of time. The liveaboard departs from Lombok’s Gili Islands. This route leads you along the north coast of Sumbawa towards Moyo and Satonda Island and back. Visit abundant reefs and remote natural sites.Due to Moyo Islands’ remote location you can get an authentic impression of Indonesia’s secluded island lifestyle. Trek though Moyo Island’s lush forest and encounter various wildlife on the way. Probably you will see some wild buffaloes, monkeys and maybe a monitor lizard. Finally, swim and jump down vodka-clear waterfalls. Explore the waters of Satonda’s mysterious volcanic lake. The Moyo Island Cruise a blissful mix of active exploration, water activities, cultural impressions and relaxation. Make a Beach BBQ in an environment you will remember for a long time after your trip. Diving Packages are available on request during this Land & Sea liveaboard! This route is most often carried out as a private charter. Hence, perfect for families with children or a group of friends looking for a special break from the busy Gili Islands. Shared departures are available on request.

Moyo Cruise Gili

Moyo Island Liveaboard Itinerary

The highlights of a Moyo Island Liveaboard Cruise are the clear Waterfall, lush forests and healthy Reefs of Moyo. The vulcanic Lake of Satonda features a truely unique setting and the entrie Crise gives a chance to Cruise remote areas of Indonensia within a relative short timeframe. Find our Moyo Cruise sample itineraries below.

Please note, each Cruise is different and the detailed day-day itinerary and sites will be tailored to suit guests’ preferences as well as to weather and ocean conditions. If you would like to visit a certain Land or Sea site, please let us know beforehand.

DAY 1 | Gili Island departure for Moyo Island Diving and Snorkelling Cruise

In the afternoon we will start this Moyo Island Diving and Snorkelling Cruise from either the Gili Islands or Lombok. After an introduction to the crew and the ship’s facilities, you will move into your cabins and have a refreshing welcome drink while departing in eastern direction. Now, sit back, relax and admire the views of Mount Rinjani while heading into the sunset towards our first stop: Moyo Island


When arriving on Moyo Island, right in time before breakfast we will moor in the bay of the traditional Indonesian village Labuan Haji. From there a local guide will bring us to a stunning pool sand a waterfalls DiwuMbai or Mata Jitu. Refresh yourself in the clear water and enjoy the landscape around.

After our excursion on land, it’s time to head into the sea to get to know the underwater world of MoyoIland. Snorkel or dive on the abundant reefs around Moyo Island. Tonight, we stay on our boat close to the island.


Before setting sail towards Satonda Island, we give you some time to snorkel or dive again in the morning. In the early afternoon on Satonda Island you will explore the sunken crater lake of an extinct volcano. It is said that Satonda is a magical place. By hanging offerings on the trees around the lake, it is believed that your dreams will come true. The island is also home to many thousands of fruit bats hanging in the trees. It is impressive to see when they all fly out at dusk searching for food on the island.
Additionally, there are enjoyable snorkelling and swimming opportunities available as well. Diving is also possible in the bay of Satonda. To see the flying foxes live in action starting their hunt during sunset, we spend the night on Satonda.


After our delightful breakfast we swim, dive or snorkel in the waters around the Island of Satonda. We have to make our way back to the east. Possibly, there will be another opportunity for a break of snorkelling or diving along the way. During our last afternoon, we have a special surprise for you. We will moor at Kermit Island and enjoy a BBQ with fresh fish and ice-cold beers on a white sandy beach. With full stomachs, we return towards Lombok.


Around midday we will arrive back on the Gili Islands after your Moyo Island Diving and Snorkelling Adventure. You can leave the ship either on one of the Gili Islands or Lombok from where it is easy to continue your way to Bali by speedboat.

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