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Gili Islands Liveaboard to Secret Gilis 1-3 Nights

This Gili Islands Liveaboard depart from the busy Gili Islands in the north of Lombok. The Secret Gili Islands are Gili Nanggu, Gili Gede and their eleven siblings on the south-west coast of Lombok. They feature a number of spectacular bays with a background of green fields. The south-western Gillis are calm, largely unpopulated and off the radar for most tourists. Hence, we call them the Secret Gili Islands. They provide a paradise-like environment: sparkling paradise-like en combined with shallow coral reefs white sandy beaches and to explore. They are perfect for a quiet time of swimming, snorkelling, relaxing and spending quality time with friends and family.The beaches offer a flawless location for beach BBQ with fresh fish and cold beers.

A Gili Islands Boat charter southern  Islands is a great introduction to cruising to remoter areas if you only have a little time.If you plan on doing a family boat charter, bachelor or hens party on a schooner or wedding charters, this itinerary is perfect for you.

Cruise to secret Gilis Lombok
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South Lombok Cruise

Lombok Boat Cruising Itinerary

Lombok Boat Cruising is perfect for a time Sailing with Family and friends. Find our sample itinerary below.

 Please note, each Cruise is different and the detailed day-day itinerary and sites will be tailored to suit guests’ preferences as well as to weather and ocean conditions. If you would like to visit a certain Land or Sea site, please let us know.

Day 1: Gili islands

The South Lombok Cruise departs from one the Gili Islands to discover more of this group of island if you haven’tbeen stayed before. We have time to wander around the popular beach of GiliTrawangan and snorkel in the reefs of Gili Air and Meno.We then cruise into the sunset towardsthe Secret Islands in the south of Lombok (+/-5h)

Cruising to Lomboks Secret Gili Islands

Day 2: Secret Gili Islands

When waking up you will find yourself surrounded by colourful sails dotting the horizon. Those are traditional fishing boats of this area called “jukungs”. The South Lombok Cruise have arrived at the Secret Gilis. Gilis in Sekotong Bay consist of fourteen small islands. All of them are located very close to each other with a maximum distance of 30 minutes. These paradise islands are luckily still unspoilt. No mass tourism. Very few hotels. Just you surrounded by white beaches, palm trees, corals and fish. After sunrise, enjoy a little bit of free time to get your feet sandy on a morning stroll around the island of Gili Nanggu. During your time on the Secret Islands, you get time for island explorations and refreshing swims or snorkels. After your active activities, relax with your family and friends or read a good book in this incomparable environment. In case you still haven’t explored enough, you can scuba dive on one of the reefs around or visit the working pearl farm in Gili Asahan. As sunset comes closer, we set sail to a tiny bale on Gili Layar to be there just in time for a beach bonefire.

Day 3: Gili Gede


He next morning we moorup the vessel in Gili Gede. This largest islandof the Southern Gillis offers a variety of activities for the adventurer in you. Hike up to the hills in the centreof the island for gorgeous views across to the other islands.Discoverlonely beaches and hidden coves. Meet the very kind and interestedlocals of the island. Find a beach full of shells which were washed up to the coast due to the tide. The temptation to take one home is almost irresistible.

Day 4: Gili Islands

Before we go back to the Gili Islands during lunch time, we have the opportunity to go on another exploration of Secrets Islands’ white sandy beaches, to swim or snorkel in the crystal clear water or to simply relax on deck or on the beach.

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