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Surf Charter

Surf CharterSurf Charter Indonesia

Inquire Now Surfing Charters Maluku Islands Our Surfing Charters around Maluku Islands brings you to the remotest world-class surf breaks in Indonesia. This is the ultimate chance to discover virgin waves of the North Indonesian Pacific Ocean. The Cruise around Morotai in the Malukas for a true surfing adventure around remote islands. Around 600 islands […]

Sulawesi Liveaboard Cruise

Inquire Now Komodo to Sulawesi Liveaboard A Komodo to Sulawesi Liveaboard will bring you from the famous Komodo National Park to Selayar and the Take Bone Rate Atoll. This is not a typical itinerary for tourists traveling to Indonesia. You will need to have some sense for adventure when choosing this route. For travelers looking […]

Raja Ampat Dive Cruise

Inquire Now Raja Ampat Dive Cruise A Raja Ampat Dive Cruise will take you to one of the worlds’ best diving destination! The area is commonly dubbed as one of the frontiers of biodiversity: the magnificent Raja Ampat! A true gem in the terms of marine sites, this unique place also has fabulous bird life […]

Raja Ampat Snorkelling Expedition

Inquire Now Raja Ampat Snorkeling Expedition A Raja Ampat Snorkeling Expedition is a true voyage to paradise on Earth. The majestic landscapes and vivid underwater world makes this place truly one of the most beautiful and naturally gifted parts on the planet. This once-in-a-lifetime cruise will bring you through the captivating and magnificent labyrinth of […]

Banda Sea Liveaboard

Inquire Now Banda Sea Liveaboard: Ambon to Sorong It is not understated to say that this impressive Banda Sea Liveaboard crossing between Raja Ampat and the Spice Islands of the Moluccas is a world-class route. It offers some of the very best and remotest dive sites of the Indonesian Archipelago. Suitable for experienced divers, this […]

Komodo Scuba Dive Liveaboard

Inquire Now Komodo Scuba Dive Liveaboard: 3-7 Nights Join Barefoot Yachts on a Komodo Scuba Dive Liveaboard. Experience some of the most spectacular diving you can imagine in the land of dragons! Dive in the rich currents of the Komodo National Park. Expect to spot everything from small fish, colourful coral reefs, critters and most […]

Sunda Island Cruise: Lombok to Komodo

Sunda Island Cruise: Lombok to Komodoliveaboard cruise Indonesia Pulau Moyo

Inquire Now Sunda Island Cruise: Gili Islands to Komodo Few areas in Indonesia can match the cultural and natural diversity that can be found along the route of this Sunda Island Cruise. Most outstandingly, the diverse topography boasts with towering active volcanoes, mountain ranges, jungle clad and dry savannah lowlands. All this on the edge […]

Moyo Island Cruise

Inquire Now Moyo Island Cruise Land & Sea The Moyo Island Cruise gives you a authentic taste of cruising within a relatively short period of time. The liveaboard departs from Lombok’s Gili Islands. This route leads you along the north coast of Sumbawa towards Moyo and Satonda Island and back. Visit abundant reefs and remote […]

Bali to Secret Gili Cruise

Inquire Now Bali to Secret Gili Cruise 2- 3 Nights Departing from Bali, this boat tour to Lombok’s Secret Gilis is a fantastic introduction to cruising if you only have limited time to spare. This cruise allows you to experience some of the secluded areas in the region. The Secret Gilis in Sekotong Bay boasts […]

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