Covid-19 updates Cruises Indonesia

Warmest greetings from Barefoot Yachts and well wishes of safety and health to you and your loved ones. 

In the current climate of uncertainty surrounding travel, we want to take the time to write to you on behalf of everyone at Barefoot to reassure you that our guests’  wellbeing and safety is our utmost priority, now and always.

Barefoot Yachts is closely monitoring the global situation and is actively taking steps to mitigate the impact and spread of COVID-19. We value the trust and loyalty invested in Barefoot Yachts by all guests, future, present and past and we are working together to answer any queries regarding upcoming cruises.

Below a overview of the current situation:

Entry Visas Indonesia

Indonesia remains closed until the end of 2020 for international visitors (updated September 2020) 

Please be sure to check updates here:

Komodo National Park

As of now ( September 2020) , Komodo National Park is open to domestic tourism (under harbour clearance conditions).

Raja Ampat National Park

Even though there are news Raja Ampat has reopened for domestic tourists – there is no confirmed government information available to us that Raja Ampat has opened for Yachts or Liveaboards (September 2020)

Diving & Cruising remote Halmahera

They still exist out there – those fairly unexplored and untouched regions within the Eastern part of Indonesia.
Let us take you to the North of the beautiful remoteness of Molucca archipelago for a exclusive Dive & Cruise experience in Halmahera.

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