Splendour Yacht Komodo

Splendour yacht is the latest addition to our fleet. The elegant blend of traditional and modern design makes Splendour the perfect fit for families and smaller groups seeking to cruise Bali, Lombok or Komodo in style and comfort. Built with leisure in mind, this unique boat is meant for guests who appreciate design, privacy and the finer things in life. The 20-meter luxury yacht features 3 cabins for up to 6 guests and plenty of space to relax and lounge during the days aboard.

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20m/65 feet in length and spread over 3 flat-surfaced decks for maximum utility, Splendour Yacht offers 3 wonderful cabins to comfortably for up to 6 guests - additional 3 spaces are available on the back of the Yacht. The Yacht has her very own garden, complemented by a teak floor pattern unlike that of any other boat we have ever seen. A red anchor sits in perfect contrast to the muted restrained layout. There shall be ample champagne and plenty of fruit to be had on Splendour.

Pure Design

A contemporary pleasure yacht designed for exclusive charters and unforgettable cruising voyages. The lounge provides ample space to do as you please and surrender to the elements. No other boat of this shape and style has ever been conceived in Indonesia. Splendour Yacht was built on the shores of Ara Beach in Sulawesi, the very birthplace of the country’s boat- building tradition.

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Splendour yacht offers one master cabin with en-suite bathroom and WC. In addition, there are two double cabins with shared bathroom facilities. All cabins and the dining salon are fully air-conditioned.


Splendour Yacht Specifications

Tender Boat

A 10-seat tender with 40HP engine available for transfers and water sports

    Leisure equipement

    • 4 snorkelling sets
    • 1 double stand-up paddle board
    • 2 surf boards
    • 3 air mattresses
    • 1 knee-board*
    • 1 inflatable swan
    • 1 inflatable island
    • 1 knee-board*
    • Rope Swing
    • 2 electric scooters*
    • Picnic set*
    • Fishfood golf balls*

    Splendour Yacht Cabins

    • 1 master cabin with en-suite bathroom facilities
    • 2 double cabins with shared bathroom facilities
    • Optional outdoor sleeping areas

    Roof Deck

    • Deckchairs
    • Shade sail
    • Sun loungers
    • Beanbags
    • Grass-Garden

    Salon and Lounges

    • Dining salon
    • Open-plan kitchen bar
    • Outdoor living lounges


    All cabins and the Dining salon are fully air-conditioned.


    B&O and Harman Kardon speaker systems are available for every cabin, the dining salon and on the roof deck.

    Battery System

    Our state-of-the-art battery system enables you to enjoy complete silence.


    Drinking quality fresh water is available throughout the entire Yacht.

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