Silent Blue

Silent Blue is a very private affair. With 22m and only 2 Cabins, the Yacht is perfect for a honeymoon, a long-awaited anniversary or an intimate getaway for a small family. Launched in 2021, Silent Blue is the sister boat of Duyung Baru and has been built with more than 23 years of boating experience in Indonesia. With a bright wood interior and the latest technology integrated, Silent Blue presents excellent value for the levels of amenities offered. The key highlight is the spacious Master Cabin – featuring a King-size bed with large sea-view windows and private balcony access.

Silent Blue Yacht Indonesia

Silent Blue Yacht

Silent Blue combines traditional elements of the Indonesian boat building culture with modern twists. The sister boat of Duyung Baru reflects the many years of cruising experience by the owner. Built in Sulawesi by expert craftsman, the processing of materials is meticulous. The combination of warm teak interior and blue gives the yacht an elegant touch. Solar panels on board contribute to sustainability and efficiency during the journey.


Silent Blue features two cabins. On master cabin on the main deck is equipped with a king-size bed and ensuit bathroom for utmost comfort, The windows allow for great views of the Indonesian landscape and invite you to relax while watching the rolling hills of Komodo pass by. The private balcony that comes with the cabin is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy your adventure. The balcony features a stair-access to the ocean. The second cabin is located below deck can host up to 2 kids comfortably.

Silent Blue cruising Komodo National Park

Cruising Expereince

The cruising expereince on Silent Blue is smooth and swift. Due to its design, the boat is a bit faster than other vessels and can glide through the Indonesian waters with ease. The large day bed on the main deck can easily fit an entire family and is the perfect place to have a cold drink or fresh coffee in the morning. Freshly baked bread, homemade delicacies and yummy sweets complement your adventure on Silent Blue. Embarking on a cruise is a private and wonderful experience for the entire family.

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