Senja in Komodo

Explore Komodo on Senja yacht. This exquisite boutique Phinisi yacht was meticulously crafted with exclusivity in mind, providing a luxury escape for couples or small families. With her expansive wrap-around windows and an abundance of outdoor space, you will enjoy an unbroken connection to the natural wonders throughout your voyage. This cruising itinerary is an adventure filled with spectacular diving and snorkeling sites, walking trails for breathtaking viewpoints, as well as the opportunity to witness the grace of Manta Rays and other marine life.

Senja yacht charter in Indonesia

Senja Yacht in Komodo

The 102-ft Senja private yacht, a modern-built masterpiece, offers private charters through the awe-inspiring waters and landscapes of the Indonesian Archipelago. Every detail of Senja was conceived to deliver an exclusive and intimate getaway. The spacious master cabin rests on the upper deck, complete with large windows on both sides and French doors that open to a large and private balcony. Head to On the lower deck is a second cabin with two beds, perfect for children, or converted to a king-size bed for another couple.
Both cabins come fully air-conditioned with a large ensuite.

On board expereince ccruise itinerary

Cruising Expereince

Onboard Senja, you will find dining options as close to nature as you can get. Her bow features a cushioned seating area with neutral textiles, perfect for enjoying a freshly brewed morning coffee or delicious evening cocktail. The alfresco-covered dining area is the ideal place to indulge in the gastronomic treats your private chef will prepare for you. Offering panoramic ocean views and cool breezes, this will be the place to share feelings and adventures over a gourmet meal and a crisp glass of wine. With the latest air or nitrox scuba diving equipment on hand, you can explore some of the world’s best dive sites.


Komodo – land of the Dragons and Mantas. Embarking on a private yacht charter is a wonderful experience, offering an array of unparalleled beauty for couples and families alike. Komodo is a region where time stands still, and the last dragons roam freely and Mantas dance gracefully. Komodo cruising itineraries are designed to cater to the desires of both adults and children, ensuring an unforgettable cruising experience in this breathtaking region of Indonesia. Private beach dinners, serene moments and much more await you.

Senja in Komodo cruise itinerary map

Hotmap - Kelong Flying Foxes

Rinca Island

Hotmap - Komodo Dragons

Padar Island

Gili Laba

Labuan Bajo

Hotmap - Labuan Bajo


Hotspot - Senja in Komodo Sebayur d

Karang Makassar

Hotmap - Dive with Mantas

Sebayur & Kalong Island | Day 1

Get picked up at your hotel or the airport, preferably in the morning. After a short introduction and safety briefing, you will start your cruise on Senja in Komodo. Heading west, the first stop is Sebayur. Here you can go for your first diving or snorkeling session. The island offers a calm environment and features a lively coral reef. The yacht continues and takes you to Kalong island. When the sun sets, thousands of Flying Foxes ascent for their nightly hunt.

Set out on a captivating morning adventure as you journey to the ranger station on Rinca Island. Accompanied by an expert ranger, your trekking tour not only brings you face to face with these awe-inspiring creatures but also offers insights into the diverse wildlife of the Komodo National Park, where sightings of buffaloes and deer are not uncommon. As the day unfolds, your adventure on Senja continues to Central Komodo, leading you Siaba Besar—a tranquil bay that invites you to unwind and embrace the afternoon’s leisure. Here, dozens of graceful turtles gliding through the turquoise waters amidst a spectacular hard coral garden, providing both divers and snorkelers with an extraordinary experience. Overnight stay in Siaba Besar.

Manta Point and Padar | Day 3

Cruising south, the yacht stops at Karang Makassar aka Manta Point. In this spectacular coral garden you will swim or dive with mantas, sharks, turtles and many more. The nearby sand atoll with turquoise waters is the perfect place for snacks and relaxation. In the afternoon, you cruise towards Padar Island – keen divers may go for another session around Padar Islands or simply enjoy water sports and snorkeling before the sun sets over the hills of Padar. Optional Night Dive.

Padar Island to Komodo Island | Day 4

Embark on an early morning adventure by hiking to the Padar viewpoint, where you will be greeted by one of the most iconic panoramas in the entire National Park. After taking in this breathtaking vista, your journey continues as you set sail towards Pink Beach. Its distinctive pink hue, derived from crushed red coral, lends the beach its name and makes it one of the world’s rarest sandy shores. You have the option to enjoy more diving and snorkeling adventures or explore a local fisherman village, immersing yourself in the authentic culture of the region. For hiking enthusiasts, the Komodo Island ranger station is within close reach, offering the opportunity for a second thrilling encounter with the legendary Komodo dragons. As the day concludes, you will find yourself in the heart of Komodo, ready to unwind and indulge in one of the chef’s delicious creations.

Gili Laba | Day 5

Embark on an early departure as your cruising adventure leads you northward through the captivating landscapes of the National Park. Along the way, make a stop in the central Komodo region, where you will have the opportunity for a diving or snorkeling session at one of the renowned sites in this area. This could be your second chance to encounter the majestic Manta Rays. As Senja continues, you will arrive at Gili Laba, also known as the sister islands of Gili Lawa Darat and Gili Lawa Laut. Here, a wide array of water activities awaits, making it an excellent choice for diving enthusiasts. The tranquil bays also offer the perfect setting to work on your kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding skills. As the sun sets, you’ll find yourself settling in for the night at Gili Laba.

Back to Labuan Bajo | Day 6

You wake up with the sun rising over Komodo National Park. Day 6 marks the last day of your journey on Senja in Komodo. After breakfast, the yacht cruises back to Labuan Bajo. Upon your arrival, the crew ensures smooth transport to your hotel or the airport.


Please note, Senja in Komodo is a sample charter itinerary. Each voyage is different and the detailed day-to-day activities and sites will be tailored to suit your preferences as well as weather and ocean conditions. Private yacht charters are more flexible compared to shared cruises. Your cruise director will work with you on the details of your adventure while you are discovering Komodo on Senja.

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