Raja Ampat Voyages on Senja

Journey Through Raja Ampat Aboard a Remarkable Vessel

Escape to one of the greatest and healthiest coral reefs and marine sanctuaries in the world with Senja Yacht, a private, single-suite yacht delivering romance and exploration throughout Raja Ampat.

The 31 meter, traditional Indonesian phinisi is the perfect luxury liveaboard experience without all the pretentiousness. With only 1 cabin on board, she offers privacy and opulence for two. Discover your personalized private boat charter experience for you and your special other transcending the humdrum of everyday tourism and embarking on an unforgettable voyage through Raja Ampat.

Senja Yacht

Romance. Adventure. Luxury.
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With exclusivity at the forefront of the design process, Senja Yacht is more than a cruise, she offers revitalization. Senja’s designers are builders highly experienced in Indonesian waters and traditional phinisi carpentry, and every moment of the yacht reflects this with an elegant, romantic vessel, cruising among some of the most remote and beautiful islands in Raja Ampat. A blend of calm, cream linens, natural wood furnished and traditional yet contemporary art and accents grace this thoughtfully designed vessel. Senja is a brand new, recently launched phinisi on the Indonesian seas outfitted to the highest degree of safety, comfort and sophistication.


Explore. Imagine. Discover.

Return to the simplicity of serenity, privacy and beauty with Senja Yacht in Raja Ampat, cruising among some of the most remote and beautiful islands on this Earth. All explorers can look forward to a fully equipped Senja, for divers and non-divers alike. Practice yoga, edit your underwater photos, paddleboard or dive deep with Senja. On the Main Deck you’ll find a cushioned bow for breezy lounging as well as an alfresco dining area and comfortable sofas for relaxing.
On your private deck, you have a fantastic all-round view of the pristin ocean and the ever changing landscape.


Inviting. Extraordinary. Warm
Lunch on Senja

Senja’s exclusive experience is in large part due to an experienced, knowledgeable crew of 9, practiced in the perfect balance of attentiveness and discretion.
You can look forward to exquisite meals prepared fresh every day, catering to your specific dining needs. Enjoy a sunny breakfast after your morning dive on the alfresco deck or sip from a selection of premium herbal teas and coffees during your afternoon relaxation. Find romance in a moonlit multi-course meal under the stars and by candlelight– not to forget that Massage and spa services are available on request! Indulge on Senja in Raja Ampat.


Intimacy. Intrigue. Serenity.

Cruise Raja Ampat with the single cabin Senja Yacht, where the journey becomes as exciting as destination.

Senja’s expansive master suite is situated on the main deck with air-conditioning and an ensuite bathroom. Stunning wraparound windows allow natural light to flood in and an artful blend of natural wood and neutral textiles adds to the ethereal feel of this beautiful bedroom. French doors open up to your secluded private terrace on the aft deck with daybeds.
Senja also features an additional cabin on the lower deck with a twin set up (which can also be converted to a king bed) for couples travelling with children.

Raja Ampat On Senja Yacht

Day 1 | Waisai – Mioskon

Your personal pick up will arrive at your hotel or Sorong Airport and will drive you to the fast boat that will bring you to Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat where your Raja Ampat cruise begins. Settle in to your traditional Phinisi liveaboard that you will call home for the next few days. Cruise west and enjoy a swim, a check dive and relax, all while taking in the soft sandy beaches of Mioskon Island and its well-known seamount, Blue Magic. Delight in an evening drink as you watch the sunset dance of fruit bats flying away to feast.

Day 2 | North Batanta

North Batanta offers glittering waters, various islets and sand banks where you can venture under the surface to find manta rays or even gaze upon history in the form of a World War II Japanese aircraft! As different organisms colonized the aircraft, a stable community of diverse plants and animals have emerged. Terrestrially, take a short trek to a stunning waterfall. Finish your second day of your Raja Ampat Liveaboard with a refreshing drink on the open deck as you continue sailing south to Misool Island.

Day 3 | Daram Islands

The Daram Islands are the easternmost island group in the Misool area. Thanks to a strict environmental protection policy, you’ll be able to see some of the most impressive sea fan forests and soft corals known to the world. With gentle snorkeling and easy diving, sites such as Andiamo or Candy Store (named aftly for its variety of bright colors and lifeforms) are truly mind-blowing underwater dreamlands lush with life and soft corals. You dont have to go deep– the shallows are covered with healthful hard corals and you’ll probably spot some schooling bumphead parrotfishes!

Day 4 | South East Misool

Visit the famous dive sites of Boo Window and Magic Mountain, with some of the highest concentrations of biodiversity in the world. Boo Windows is called such because of its “windows,” or curved openings, on the end of the largest rock that pierce the reef from the surface down to about 5 meters. Though the two rocks appear separate from the surface, they are indeed connected underwater by an impressive reef covered in soft corals and teeming with fish.

Day 5 | Wayilbatan Area

Climb to get a bird’s eye view of the famous heart-shaped blue lagoon encircled by the vibrant coral reefs and bring home an exciting addition to your unbelievable photo album! You can also take a speed boat tour or board your kayak to and drift away in the labyrinth of rocks and channels of Wayil Islands. Here lie some of the most epic and lush dive sites of Raja Ampat: Neptune’s Fantasea, a small channel between 2 islands with a shallow wall draped in some of the biggest gorgonian sea fans you’ll ever meet. Visit Wedding Cake, Four Kings, Dunia Kecil and Wayil Rock for sightings of batfish, barracuda, seahorses and reef octopus!!

Day 6 | Balbulol & Farondi

Misools North Eastern line of islands is a natural maze of conical rocks, steep cliffs and secret pools. Find yet another gorgeous photo opportunity at some of the inner lagoons that house a multitude of stingless jellyfish or explore the caves, both above and below, where even the nudibrances, mollusks and crustaceans come up for air.

Day 7 | Piaynemo

Head straight for 3 iconic dive sites: Melissa’s Garden, Keruo Channel and Galaxy, where you can bear witness to the most splendid shallow coral gardens on the globe. At this Western tip of Central Raja Ampat, delight in surface adventures like kayaking, trekking to a viewpoint to see Star Lagoon’s uncountable limestone formations or seek out some hidden rock pools!

Day 8 | Kawe & Aljuy Bay

South Kawe is one of the gems in Raja Ampats crown– a vivid landscape both above and below the surface. Vist the manta rays at one of their many cleaning stations and have a dive at sites such as Eagles Rock, Cendana Jetty or White Arrow. Channels, sheer drop-offs and rocky island of Kawe ann Aljuy bay make this a magnificent point of interest for rare creatures and impressive night dives

Day 9 | Wayag

Make your way across the equator to the Northern Hemisphere to traverse to the far reaches of paradise, an expansive bay with masses of islets, sandy virgin beaches home to reef sharks and manta rays. Journey through this utopia, swim with the pelagic fish and dive Figure 8 Rock or ascend Mt. Pindito for a once-in-a-lifetime view.

Day 10 | Yangefo

Go further on your Raja Ampat Liveaboard journey and take in a day at Yangefo. Dont be fooled by this little island! Yanfego has a lot to offer: take the kayak out to the mangroves for some breathtaking sights, spot some colorful tropical birds, or dive deep into some incredible dive sites such as Mayem, Citrus and Mangrove Ridge.

Day 11 | Dampier Strait

The strait that flows between Batanta and Waigeo is increasingly becoming well known for having excellent diving due to the nutrient-rich ocean currents passing through. Everything that makes for a wonderful dive can be found here: Visit Mioskon, Blue Magic and Sardines for gorgeous sights and night diving!

Day 12 | Sorong

Your Raja Ampat Liveaboard will make its way back to Sorong or Waisai for your last, delightful breakfast and check- out. Photos and farewells will be in order as our crew arranges your transfer to your hotel or airport– on your own voyage back home with unforgettable moments from the trip of a lifetime

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