Born on the pristine shores of Bira, Sulawesi in 2020, Samboja yacht is an embodiment of tradition and harmony. More than just a yacht, Samboja carries a purpose — a vision to foster coexistence between humans and nature, spreading awareness for a greener world. Explore the raw beauty of Komodo National Park and world-class dive sites onboard this traditional Phinisi. With her 3 cabins, she can accommodate up to 8 guests and is the perfect choice for family adventures and smaller groups.

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Samboja yacht in Komodo National Park

Samboja Yacht

Drawing inspiration from Indonesia's rich folklore, Samboja takes her name from Dewi Siti Samboja, the revered Mother of Prabu Siliwangi, the great King of the Hindu Sunda Kingdom in West Java. This yacht encapsulates the adventurous spirit of Samboja, unveiling the enchanting beauty of Indonesia's landscapes and the country’s mesmerizing underwater realm.

Private cabins onboard Samboja

Cabins onboard

With two cozy double bed cabins and a spacious cabin boasting four single beds, there is room for everyone to unwind. Each of the three cabins featuring its own ensuite bathroom and air conditioning for your convenience. Whether you're a couple seeking intimacy or a group of friends or family, the cabins cater to your individual preferences, ensuring a restful stay throughout your journey.

Indoor saloon onboard Samboja

Cruising Expereince

Exploring the waters of Komodo National Park onboard Samboja is a beautiful cruising adventure. The traditional Phinisi features a spacious main deck to relax or sunbathe while marveling at the stunning landscape. In addition, there is an air-conditioned indoor saloon that is the perfect place for heartwarming meals and joyful gatherings.

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