Raja Ampat on Nataraja

Take the road less traveled with a family and friends cruise to Central and South Raja Ampat on Nataraja. Nataraja yacht is the perfect boat to explore this breathtaking region of Indonesia. The route takes you to world-famous dive sites, on guided treks to incredible viewpoints, on dances with mantas and tours to the pristine reefs and landscapes of the Misool Eco Conservation area. This route offers the chance to experience central Raja Ampat, to explore the Dampier Strait and its impressive and world-famous biodiversity.

Full sails on Nataraja yacht

Nataraja Yacht

Crafted with impeccable attention to detail, you will be captivated by the exquisite tropical hardwoods and expertly crafted elements. The yacht’s practical, planned interior design elevates it to the level of unique and charmiong elegance. 

Nataraja yacht cabin

Cabins on board

Nataraja features four generously sized cabins, including a master cabin and three double cabins that can provide an optional third bed. The master cabin has a private terrace located at the rear.  Each cabin is equipped with its own private toilet, shower, air conditioning.

Sun deck on board Nataraja

Raja Ampat Cruise Expereicne

Nataraja turns cruising into a beautiful journey. She takes you to remote islands and world-class dive sites. Perfect for a family looking to enjoy quality time or a group of friends looking for the ultimate holiday experience in Raja Ampat.

Welcome to Raja Ampat on Nataraja | Day 1

The crew of Nataraja will welcome you at your hotel or at the airport, taking you to travel on board Nataraja. The yacht is waiting for you in the harbor at Sorong. Once boarded, there will be a yacht tour and a safety briefing, you will then settle into your new home for the week. Nataraja will depart Sorong whilst you feast on a delicious lunch and cruise towards our first snorkeling spot. Here we will spend some time exploring the beautiful reefs and white sand beaches. Later, it’s time to relax and cruise overnight toward the South.

Your first day in the south of Raja Ampat on Nataraja begins by waking up in the Daram Islands, the most easterly island chain in the area. Now it’s time to dive and snorkel at some of the most amazing spots – Warna Berwarna, Andiamo and Candy Store. Andiamo is teaming with schools of fusiliers, trevalleys,sweetlips and barracuda. Candy Store is aptly named for its soft, colorful corals and huge sponges decorating the reef. We explore the area by day and then in the evening we venture further south.

Boo and Yillet | Day 3

On our third day on Nataraja – we start off at the Boo Island chain, which hosts some remarkable topography and snorkelling, as well as the chance to dive at Boo Windows. Boo Windows is famous for its incredible natural arch swim through, and high chances of spotting some wonderful pelagic life. After lunch, we move to Magic Mountain – a shallow pinnacle surrounded by ocean on all sides where we will see huge groups of fish, reef sharks and maybe the chance to see the stunning oceanic manta ray.

Love Lake at Wayilbatan | Day 4

On our fourth day on the yacht, we start off with a visit to the incredible heart-shaped blue lagoon at Wayilbatan, followed by a speedboat or kayak tour around the inlets and rocks. Next to the lake is a natural channel, where we can dive and snorkel and see some of the most enormous and impressive sea fans, at a site called Neptune’s Fantasea – excellent for underwater photography! We spend the day exploring the white sand coves, and snorkelling at Four Kings, Barracuda Rock and Wedding Cake. We watch the sunset from a secluded, palm lined beach before continuing back east.

Incredible Balbulol | Day 5

Nataraja and her crew take us next to Balbulol, where we awaken cruising the natural maze of limestone rock formations, sheer cliffs and hidden lagoons – some with seasonal stingless jellyfish. This extraordinary setting allows for relaxing snorkeling and photography, and some of the most amazing diving at Love Potion and No Contest dive sites. We head to Farondi after a sumptuous lunch and explore the natural caves by kayak, home to rare mollusks and colourful nudibranchs and array of rainbow coloured corals. We cruise north overnight

World Class diving at Piaynemo | Day 6

On our sixth day, we wake up in Piaynemo, where we can snorkel at three world-famous dive sites: Galaxy, Barracuda Rock, and Melissa’s Garden. In between, you also have the chance to do other surface activities, like trying out our sea scooter! Just before sunset, you can stretch your sea legs with a short hike up to the viewpoint throught the jungle, and then cool off with a swim in the Star Lagoon as the sun is setting. We head east again in the evening.

Dampier Strait and a Magical Night Dive | Day 7

Nataraja’s chef will serve our breakfast as we arrive for a visit at the village of Aerborek, where we take in the scenery and are greeted by the local children. We snorkel next at Manta Sandy, an amazing manta cleaning station. Later, we head on into the Dampier Strait: a nutrient rich part of the ocean that is full of an amazing and diverse array of marine life. We can dive and snorkel at Sardine Reef or world famous Cape Kri. We spend a magical evening at Kabuy Bay, enjoying a fantastic night dive at Batu Lima, where we can see Raja Ampat’s walking sharks.

Breakfast and Farewells | Day 8

After your final breakfast onboard Nataraja, you will bid your farewells to your crew and the magic of Raja Ampat. We will take you back to your hotel, or to the airport.


Please note, this is a sample itinerary. Each Cruise is different and the detailed day-to-day itinerary and sites will be tailored to suit guests’ preferences as well as weather and ocean conditions. Private Charters are more flexible in the itinerary compared to scheduled Cruises. Your Cruise Director will work with you on the detailed day-to-day planning onboard. 

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