Mutiara Laut

Mutiara Laut, meaning ‘Pearl of the Sea’ in Indonesian, is a masterful creation. The yacht fuses the style of a classic, 18th-century North Atlantic schooner with elements of the traditional Indonesian Phinisi. With a length of 46 meters, two tall masts and around 850m² of sail, she is a stunning beauty cruising the Indonesian archipelago. The classic design is not only reflected on the outside but also the inside. The harmonious blend of European and Asian traditions is reflected throughout all spaces on board Mutiara Laut and creates an authentic and wonderful cruising experience. Mutiara Laut in Raja Ampat and this Komodo itinerary give you a wonderful example of what a cruise could look like.

Mutiara Laut

Mutiara Laut’s story is that of the journey of a remarkable man and his life experience as a yacht builder. Leendert Philippus Van Oostenbrugg translated every part of his love for the ocean and sailing into his final creation. Great attention to detail was invested in designing the living areas to create inviting spaces that harmonize with the breathtaking natural beauty of the destinations. Exploring the Indonesian archipelago onboard Mutiara Laut is unlike any other experience. Feeling the wind on your skin while listing to the sound of the ocean, Leo’s vision was to create an authentic and comfortable way to reconnect with one’s true self.

Mutiara Laut yacht luxury master cabin


Experience luxury and comfort aboard Mutiara Laut. The yacht features seven en-suite cabins. A master cabin is located on the main deck. Spacious and bright — the king-size bed, writing desk, walk-in wardrobe and large windows provide the perfect sanctuary during your cruise. In addition, 4 of the six deluxe cabins are equipped with double beds and convertible settees. The remaining 2 cabins feature twin beds that can be converted into double beds. The cabins are equipped with high-end entertainment systems, abundant storage and ample shelving.

Mutiara Laut yacht private charter expereince

Cruising Experience

Cruising on Mutiara Laut is much more than just a yacht charter or diving trip. It is an immersive experience filled with joy, serenity and unforgettable moments. Unwind your soul on deck or relax inside the air-conditioned saloon and lounge area. Natural hues and warm colors create a beautiful ambience of elegance and coziness. Indoor and outdoor dining areas provide space for the culinary delights that are served onboard. The dedicated crew and chef care for your physical wellbeing and will spoil you with all kinds of treats.

Mutiara Laut Specifications

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Diving on Mutiara Laut

Mutiara Laut is fully equipped for water sports and diving – including air or Nitrox compressors and scuba diving equipment

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