Mikumba 2 in Raja Ampat

This itinerary is all about diving. Mikumba 2 in Raja Ampat takes you from Waisai on a 6-night cruising and diving experience that you will never forget. Get on board the traditional Indonesian Phinisi and explore the stunning seascapes of Raja Ampat. Dive at some of the most famous sites, such as Cape Kri, Melissa’s Garden and Citrus Ridge. Hike the beautiful viewpoint on Pianemo Island and fly alongside majestic Mantas at Aborek Island. 

Mikumba II in Komodo National Park

Mikumba 2

Built by the legendary Phinisi builder Pak Haji Abdullah on the shores of Bulukumba in South Sulawesi, she has undergone a renovation that combines the latest technology whilst staying true to her traditional Phinisi roots. 

Cabin on liveaboard Mikumba II

Cabins on board

With two top deck en-suite master cabins with their own private balcony and a further four double cabins below deck, she can accommodate ten guests in comfort.

Wayag Isalnd Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat

Also called the Last Paradise on Earth, Raja Ampat offers a mind-blowing cruising and diving experience for all ages. The region boasts a breathtaking landscape and an unparalleled underwater life.

Waigo to Mioskon Island | Day 1

You will be picked up and escorted to Sorong harbor to catch the 9 am fast ferry to Waisai harbor, Waigo island. The Mikumba 2 crew will be waiting to welcome you on board followed by a safety briefing, boat orientation and dive gear check. Once settled into your cabin, it will be time to enjoy your first lunch at sea. The first dive is at Mioskon Island, a fantastic, easy dive site. Familiarize yourself with the equipment whilst surrounded by schooling fish, bommies, soft corals, reef, and, maybe, our first wobbegong shark. After diving, you’ll be free to head to the beautiful beach on the island, enjoy the sunset and see the fruit bat migration before heading to a safe anchorage for the night.

Before sunrise, Mikumba 2 will begin cruising to the first dive site, the renowned Cape Kri, known for setting a record with over 350 species recorded in a single dive. Dive two will take place at the picturesque Yenbuba jetty, a stunning underwater experience that ends beneath a wooden jetty surrounded by schooling fish. The final dive of the day is at Sawan Darek, an incredible soft coral garden with giant clams and a diverse array of fish. As the sun sets, you will embark on a relaxing cruise to Pianemo, the perfect time to unwind on the sun deck, savor a cocktail, and soak in the breathtaking scenery as the sun sets.

Pianamo, Batu Rufas & Mellisa’s Garden | Day 3

We start with a morning trek to the scenic Pianamo eco-site, renowned for its iconic views of the mushroom-shaped islands and vast lagoons. Our first dive at Batu Rufas offers a fantastic wall and a swim-through cave leading to a shallow reef garden. Following a short cruise, we reach Mellisa’s Garden for the second dive. This remarkable site is named after diving pioneer Max Ammer’s daughter and features an incredible, ancient coral garden. Shielded by three small islands, it forms a vast and pristine coral field. Our final dive of the day is at My Reef, a submerged ridge housing a massive fish population. It’s a spectacular dive, especially with a brisk current. .

Yanggefo | Day 4

Yanggefo has some incredible dive sites and we will start with a great one. Mayhem dive site lives up to its name with a chaotic, awe-inspiring underwater scene. This pristine reef is bustling with massive schools of diverse fish species. After the dive, we will anchor in the picturesque Mangrove Bay, where you can enjoy a variety of activities including stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking through mangrove channels. The next dive will be Citrus Ridge, a submerged reef in a channel between Yannggefo and Gam. The final dive of the day is Mangrove Ridge, another excellent dive with endless soft corals, sea fans and the unique experience of ending the dive in the mangroves.

Aborek Island - Mantas! | Day 5

Today is all about Mantas! We will kick off early at Aborek Island and decide on the best dive order based on conditions – Manta Sandy, Manta Ridge, or Aborek Jetty. Dive into the action with these majestic creatures and enjoy an unforgettable day of diving. We will cruise back to Yenbuba for a late afternoon of ‘coconut golf’ on a stunning sand spit extending into crystal blue waters. After sunset, it’s time to gear up for our favorite night dive at the jetty – it’s a truly mesmerizing experience!

Into the Blue | Day 6

Today we dive into the blue. Starting off at Sardine Reef, named because of the huge biomass of schooling fish. We will be hoping for some current here, as this gentle sloping ridge is best experienced as a drift dive. Fun fact: You won’t see any sardines on this dive. Next up we have Blue Magic, another truly breathtaking dive site. With a reef covered ridge and a huge variety of schooling fish, you will often see large oceanic manta’s dancing overhead. Our final dive will be at Mike’s Point, a tiny island that pops up in the Dampier Strait. After the day’s diving is complete, we will sail to Friwan Island for our final dinner before heading to the beach for a night under the stars. Look forward to a fire, some local music and of course, dancing.

Fond Farewells | Day 7

After our last dive of the trip, we will head to the secluded Sonek Kecil Island. You can spend your final morning paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, or simply unwinding on the pristine beach. Time to bid farewell to Mikumba II and her crew as we head to Waisai harbor for lunch and onto the 2pm ferry back to Sorong.


Please note, this is a sample itinerary. Each cruise is different and the detailed day-to-day itinerary and sites will be tailored to suit your preferences as well as weather and ocean conditions. Private charters are more flexible in the itinerary compared to shared Cruises. On board Mikumba II, the Cruise Director will work with you on the detailed planning of your itinerary. 

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