Mikumba 2 in Komodo

Explore Komodo on Mikumba 2. The boat is an excellent choice for discovering the underwater wonders of Komodo National Park, She is perfect for private and personalized charters, shared cruises and scuba diving adventures. Mikumba 2 in Komodo is a 5-day cruising and diving itinerary that takes you to some of the best dive sites in Komodo National Park. From diving at Cauldron and Batu Bolong to trekking with the famous Komodo Dragons, this itinerary perfectly combines the beauty of Komodo. 

Mikumba 2 yacht charter itinerary in Komodo

Mikumba 2 in Komodo

Mikumba 2 boasts a tasteful blend of bamboo, rattan, wood, and traditional fabrics, creating an exotic and inviting ambiance that sets the stage for an extraordinary journey in Komodo National Park. Exploring this underwater wonderland aboard Mikumba 2 offers a unique and unrivaled opportunity to connect with the incredible natural beauty that Indonesia has to offer.

Cabins on board Mikumba II liveaboard

Cruising Experience

Mikumba 2 offers comfortable accommodations for 7 to 10 guests across five comfortable cabins. Among them, two en-suite master cabins on the top deck each boast a private balcony. However, the true highlight of the boat lies in its dual-level deck area. This inviting space serves as the perfect backdrop for sipping tropical cocktails or practicing your yoga poses. 




Dives in central Komodo


Komodo National Park, a remote and captivating cruising and diving destination, fascinates adventurers to explore its rugged and pristine landscapes. In addition, it is a haven for divers, offering a chance to encounter the Manta Rays and a myriad of marine life. Explore vibrant coral reefs, and a wealth of opportunities for snorkeling, hiking.

Welcome aboard Mikumba 2 | Day 1

After a warm welcome from the amazing staff on Mikumba II, we kick off our adventure with a check dive at Sebayur. This is the perfect warm-up to get comfortable with your equipment and enjoy your first Komodo dive experience. Next, we head to the thrilling Cauldron dive site, one of Komodo’s most requested dive sites. Get ready for an exhilarating drift dive with various underwater wonders, including the chance to experience the famous ‘shotgun’. After some time to relax and a delicious lunch, we will head off for a leisurely sunset trek on Gili Lawa Darat, offering stunning views of the surrounding islands. For those eager to explore the underwater world after dark, our third dive awaits at Gili Lawa Bay. We will spend the night in Gili Lawa Darat gently and peacefully docked under the stars, ready for more adventures tomorrow.

Today we will visit 3 of the most famous dive sites in North Komodo. Our first morning dive will be at Castle Rock with its submerged pinnacle, steep walls, and strong currents. You can expect to see a bustling underwater world teeming with schools of fish, reef sharks, and if we are lucky, manta rays. Our second dive unfolds at Crystal Rock. We are talking crazy currents, colorful coral and crystal-clear waters surrounded by an abundance of sea life. As we set sail to Sabita, you can relax onboard and soak in the breathtaking views of the Komodo archipelago. Our third and final dive of the day is at Manta Point, which as the name suggests means Mantas! Here we have the incredible chance to swim alongside these graceful giants. Post-dive, we will unwind on a peaceful sandbank followed by a delicious dinner prepared by the Mikumba II crew. A relaxing end to a truly breathtaking day of diving.

Mawan & Siaba Besar | Day 3

Day three kicks off with an awe-inspiring morning dive at Batu Balong, widely regarded as one of Komodo’s most stunning dive spots. With its expansive coral garden and a huge array of marine life, it’s certainly a dive to remember. Fondly referred to as ‘fish soup’ there are so many fish around you are often surrounded in a cloud of fish! Our second dive takes place at Mawan, for another chance to see the incredible Manta’s at one of their cleaning stations. This dive site is also home to sharks, sting rays, and big schools of fusiliers. After lunch, our third and final dive will be at Siaba Besar. With a sloping coral reef and a huge variety of rays and trevallies, you can really immerse yourself in the mesmerizing underwater world with a chance to see reef sharks, turtles, and schooling snappers. After a day filled with underwater adventure, enjoy a delicious dinner on board, and relax under the evening sky.

Tatawa Besar & Komodo Island | Day 4

We start the day with an exciting dive at Tatawa Besar, another dive site that offers it all. We can dive this site with or without current, enjoying spectacular bommies, sponges, sea fans and of course, lots of fish. We will then cruise to Loh Liang to enjoy a highly anticipated dragon walk, encountering the legendary Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. After our adventure on Komodo Island, the second dive takes place at world-famous Pink Beach. Known for its pink sands, vibrant coral reefs and a chance to see octopus and cuttlefish, this is a truly unique place. Following lunch, take some time to unwind on the beach or if you want to jump back in the water, it’s the perfect snorkeling spot. As the sun sets, prepare for a final night dive at Pulau Rusa or Padar Kecil, where the underwater world comes to life after dark. An overnight sail to Padar Island prepares us for our last day.

Padar Island & Farewells| Day 5

The leisurely sunrise trek on Padar Island is really worth the early alarm, capturing the magical moment when the first light of day hits the stunning landscape. Don’t forget your camera for this one! Our first dive of the day is at the Secret Garden, a site filled with hidden treasures beneath the waves. Our final dive of the trip is at Pengah Kecil where we explore the pinnacle of this small island and visit baby white tips nestled under table corals. This is also a great place for spotting giant marays, bumpheads and napoleon wrasse. As the morning comes to an end, we cruise back to Labuan Bajo as it’s now time to say goodbye to Mikumba II and her dedicated crew.


Please note, this is a sample itinerary. Each cruise is different and the detailed day-to-day activities and sites will be tailored to suit your preferences as well as weather and ocean conditions. Private charters offer more flexibility in terms of itinerary compared to shared cruises. Your cruise director will work with you on the detailed day-to-day planning onboard. 

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