La Unua Yacht is a 25-metre iron and teak wood boat built with expertise for cruising and exploring the Komodo National Park. The vessel’s traditional yacht architecture has been formed with luxury and innovation for an exceptional liveaboard experience. She was handcrafted and restored in 2020 by Sulawesi’s most recognised phinisi artisans. With plenty of space for up to 9 guests, the boat features 3 double cabins, all with ensuite and hot water, three lounge areas and an air conditioned indoor dining area. Enjoy a relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere in stylish and spacious surroundings and prepare to feel stresses melt away. Fully equipped for snorkelling and diving trips, La Unua is waiting to explore Komodo National Park with you on a private boat charter.

Yacht charters on board La Unua yacht

Diving on La Unua

With watersports and scuba equipment included, La Unua has everything you need for snorkelling or diving expeditions. The yacht will take you to all the famous sites in Komodo National Park. From manta to reef sharks, pygmy seahorses, and stunning corals, enjoy an amazing adventure with all modern comforts. With well-experienced guides taking you to the best sites in the Komodo National Park, diving and snorkelling will introduce you to the underwater wonders of this stunning region of Indonesia.

Cabins on La Unua yacht

Cabins on Boarad

Up to 9 guests can be accommodated in comfort on board La Unua. With 2 family cabins, and 1 double private cabin with a 180º view. Each cabin features ensuite bathrooms with hot water. The vessel has plenty of space for family and friends. Light and stylish, each cabin features local textiles and clean white bedding. Toiletries and towels are included, and each room feels very private and exclusive. Rest and relax after a wonderful day of cruising and exploring in your comfortable air-conditioned cabin.

La unau yacht indonesia

Cruising Komodo

Sailing exclusively in the Komodo National Park, an unforgettable cruise on La Unua takes you to all the highlights of Komodo and more. The Pink Beach, trekking in Padar, a trip to see the infamous Komodo Dragons in their natural habitat, the flying foxes at Kalong, and some of the best diving in the world. Spend an afternoon on the sandbanks of Taka Makassar relaxing in the sun with a cool sea breeze, then watch the sun set with a cold drink. Cruising with La Unua is an unforgettable experience.

La Unua Gallery

La Unua Specifications

Cabins and Spaces
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