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Journey into the uncharted land and seas of West Komodo (and East Sumbawa) aboard Fenides Yacht and brace yourself for the most stunning landscapes and underwater world imaginable.

Fenides carries decades of experience with her knowledgeable crew, expert captain and luxury and design-minded German and Indonesian owners– she was masterfully crafted to cruise into the lesser known parts of Indonesia, namely Komodo National Park.

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Fenides carries decades of experience with her knowledgeable crew, expert captain and luxury and design-minded German and Indonesian owners– she was masterfully crafted to cruise into the lesser known parts of Indonesia, namely Komodo National Park.
West Komodo Coastline
Many call it The Galapagos of Asia. Here you’ll find rugged and wild landscapes above and below the water teeming with vibrant flora and fauna. We will guide you to the most epic wall dives and pinnacles, paired with the opportunity to encounter wild Komodo dragons roaming remote, sandy shores.
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Sangeang Volcano
Welcome to one of the worlds best macro diving experience– This nutrient dense volcanic location is packed with high contrast coral gardens, hydro-thermal vents, nudibranchs and so much more. Here you can also visit a traditional ship building village, enjoy trekking and rare birdwatching. Truly a photographer's paradise. Dive sites include: Hot Rocks, Black Magic, Bonto and Tikno.
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Gili Banta
Ancient, uninhabited, partially submerged volcano off the Northwest coast of Sumbawa, Iconic private and endless white sand beaches, Sunset view points, multiple dive sites with Manta Rays and sharks along with the most colorful coral reefs in the region. Also great for beach BBQ and leisure time. Dive sites include: Roller Coaster, GPS Point, Star Wars, K2 and Small World amongst others.
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Sape Straight
A channel found between Sumbawa and Komodo, Sape has high energy diving with big fish encounters. This channel is a breeze to cruise but the diving is intermediate-advanced. You’ll encounter big pelagics like Sharks, Tunas, Giant Trevally’s and more. There have even been sightings of migrating blue whales! Bonus object: The secret Canyon dive site!
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Pulau Kelapa aka Coconut Island
Have your camera ready, because here you will find picture-perfect diving throughout. Immerse in crystal clear water, stunning reef topography, overhangs, walls, and ledges. Take this opportunity to have a beautiful sunrise hike and reach great viewpoints for photography sessions. A notable dive site is Seagull Rock, often in the top dive site lists!
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Batu Bolong
Perhaps one of the most famous dive sites in Indoneisa, Batu Bolong, Siaba and Tatawa will captivate you. Here you will find immeasurable biodiversity, stunning corals and rare marine life. Turtles and sharks are to be seen on pretty much every single dive.
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Nusa Kode aka Horseshoe Bay
Shaped like its namesake, a horse shoe, Nusa Kode is a well-kept secret. A bit off the grid, this little bay is very much underrated with a lot to offer. It has one of the best macro sites in Komodo and also offers great wall diving. Notable dive sites include Cannibal Rock and Torpedo Point
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Sailing West Komodo

The route will include a variety of regions and will cover a wide array of diving, macro, reef scenes, active volcanoes, drift dives, cavern dives, wall dives, blue water pelagic dives and much more.

From the pygmy seahorses, “boxer crabs” and rainbow-tinted reef fish to species like manta rays, reef sharks, and even larger varieties like hammerheads and gray sharks, Komodo has it all.

It goes without saying that the region of West Komodo and East Sumbawa comes with incredible landscapes as well. During your cruise, you will visit staggering rock formations, as well as remote villages during your cultural stops for a peek into village life. Always have an eye out for rare wildlife such as Komodo Dragons, rare birds and wild game!

Cruising Komodo

From focused diving charters to a fun-filled family escape, travel in luxury.

Vessels range from the intimate single cabin yacht for honeymooners to larger 6 or 7 cabins for your larger celebrations.

Our handpicked collection of luxury yacht charters in Indonesia offer the highest standard of accommodation, service, modern comfort and elegance to venture into some of the most spectacular chartering destinations of Komodo and beyond.


The difference is in the details– exploring the Indonesian Archipelago onboard intimate sailing yachts provides exceptional experiences. Every itinerary is tailored to guests’ requirements, and we can plan less-traveled journeys for special interests such as surfing, wellness, gastronomy, culture, wildlife and conservation. Whether you’re planning a romantic anniversary, an unforgettable family escape or a journey into the unkown, we can arrange a charter tailored to you.

Komodo Diving & Snorkelling

A Komodo Diving or Snorkeling Cruise offers a chance to explore one of the most abundant underwater sites on Earth.

With about 1500 islands just off Waisai, this archipelago offers some of the most famous dive sites in the world, ranging from beginner to advanced levels, all with excellent opportunities for vivid underwater photography.

Journey to where a vast majority of Marine Animals live just under the ocean surface. Sightings of Mantas and other large Marine Animals are common – not only for Divers. Snorkel the shallow Lagoons and Reefs or go more advanced and Drift with the currents through the narrow channels between the Islands.

HoneyMoon Cruises

After your big day, what could be more special and relaxing than a honeymoon at sea? Start your lives as a married couple on a luxurious honeymoon cruise, where the journey is just as memorable as the destination.

Whether you are looking for rest and relaxation in a romantic setting for your first vacation as newlyweds, or perhaps a new adventure to tick off your bucket list, cruising Komodo is the most unforgettable destination.

You’ll find idyllic beaches and crystal-clear waters coupled with attentive yet discreet crew. Komodo is adventurous, romantic, teeming with life and stunning scenery.

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Family Getaways

Leave the planning of your ultimate family getaway to us. Whether you want to have a multi-generational holiday at sea or show your children just how big the world can be– Barefoot Yachts offers exceptional experiences for all. Every vessel we partner with features palate-pleasing dining options, incredible entertainment, and unforgettable activities for all ages— not to mention itineraries that take you to some of Indonesia’s most incredible sights. The best part? All the planning will be taken care of so you can focus on what’s important: bonding with your loved ones and making lifetime memories.

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Hand Picked Fleet

We carefully select and work only with the best yacht operators in Indonesia and offer you the best options according to your budget and interests.

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