Dewata in Komodo

Explore Komodo National Park on Dewata. The yacht is perfect for private and personalized charters, family cruises, and exclusive honeymoon getaways.  This Komodo cruising itinerary aboard Dewata takes you on a journey through the astonishing beauty of the National Park. Discover world-class dive sites including Sebayur Kecil and Batu Bolong. Snorkel with Mantas and meet the famous Komodo Dragons on Rinca Island.

Dewata in Komodo charter itinerary

Dewata in Komodo

A luxurious Phinisi for unforgettable private cruises with loved ones, families, or friends across the diverse region of Komodo National Park. Dewata combines elegance and comfort, featuring two splendid sea-view cabins on the main deck and an additional cabin on the lower deck, accommodating up to six guests.

Luxury yacht charter itinerary

Yacht Experience

Dewata promises privacy, open spaces, and splendid views of the horizon, ensuring an unforgettable cruising holiday. Whether you ascend to the upper deck at sunrise to savor breathtaking sea views or unwind with a glass of fine wine or cocktails, every moment aboard Dewata is a glimpse into an exclusive charter experience.

Komodo National Park cruising itinerary


Embarking on a Komodo yacht charter is a wonderful experience, offering a paradise of unparalleled beauty. Komodo is a land where time stands still, the last dragons on Earth roam freely and Mantas dance gracefully. Yacht charter itineraries are designed to cater to the desires of both adults and children, ensuring an unforgettable holiday for everyone.

Begin your Journey | Day 1

Get picked up at your hotel or the airport, preferably in the morning. After a short introduction to the yacht and a safety briefing, you will start your cruise. Heading west, the first stop is Sebayur Island. Just unwind from the stress of your travels or jump into the water for your first diving or snorkeling session. The island offers a calm environment and features a lively coral reef. Enjoy the first stunning sunset aboard Dewata with a drink, or relax at sea on kayaks or paddleboards. There is also the possibility of a night dive.

Cruising to central Komodo towards Siaba Besar – a tranquil bay to lounge and relax in the afternoon. There are often dozens of Turtles around, and the hard coral garden is truly spectacular for diving and snorkeling. The close by Mawan Island offers one most beautiful beaches inside the Komodo National Park. With its pinkish sand and turquoise waters, it’s the right place for stunning pictures and underwater activities. Here you might have your first chance to spot some Manta Rays. Overnight stay in Siaba Besar.

Manta Point & Padar | Day 3

Cruising south, we will stop at Karang Makassar aka Manta Point. In this stunning coral garden you will swim or dive with mantas, sharks, turtles and many more. The nearby sand atoll with turquoise waters is the perfect spot for lunch and relaxation. In the afternoon, you cruise towards Padar Island – keen divers may go for another session around Padar Islands or simply enjoy water sports and snorkeling before the sun sets over the hills of Padar. Optional Night Dive.

Horseshoe Bay | Day 4

Spend a captivating day in South Rinca, also known as Horse Shoe Bay or Nusa Kode, where you can encounter extraordinary wildlife. Here, the famous Komodo dragons patrol the pristine beach, while the surrounding teems with monkeys, deer, wild boars, and even majestic fish eagles. Beneath the surface, the colder waters hold some world-class dive sites, including the renowned Cannibal Rock, celebrated for its abundance of critters like pygmy seahorses and vibrant nudibranches. To enhance the adventure, take the tender out for a cruise along the base of the awe-inspiring rock formations.

Gili Lawa | Day 5

Discover the enchanting island of Gili Lawa. It offers an array of underwater wonders and a breathtaking scenery. Among the treasures awaiting divers and snorkelers are three world-renowned dive sites and shark hotspots: Castle Rock, Crystal Rock, and the exhilarating Cauldron. In addition, Gili Lawa features one of the best viewpoints in the region. The hike takes around 40 minutes and rewards you with a mesmerizing perspective. Don’t miss the chance to explore these turquoise waters on a paddleboard or kayak, before indulging in a well-deserved sunset dinner.

Back to Labuan Bajo | Day 6

We wake up with the sun rising over Gili Lawa. Dewata will cruise back to Labuan Bajo for our last delicious breakfast and check- out before noon. After sharing photos and farewells, your cruising holiday in Komodo National Park ends. The crew will arrange your transfer to your hotel or airport.


Please note, this is a sample cruising itinerary. Each cruise is different and the detailed day-to-day activities and sites will be tailored to your preferences as well as weather and ocean conditions. Private yacht charters onboard our yachts offer more flexibility in personalizing your itinerary compared to shared cruises. On board the yacht, your cruise director will work closely with you on the detailed day-to-day planning.

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