Aliikai in Raja Ampat

Aliikai in Raja Ampat gives you the chance to discover and experience one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. Raja Ampat is an unspoiled and remote paradise, whose sheer abundance of life will leave you in awe. Imagine yourself diving with mantas and sharks in colorful coral gardens, kayaking with your family or friends in turquoise waters and hiking up lush green hills to spectacular viewpoints. A yacht charter in Raja Ampat promises an exclusive and unforgettable cruising experience in the last paradise on Earth. On board Aliikai you will have the opportunity to make dreams come true and reconnect with nature in the most beautiful way imaginable.

Aliikai Yacht 8 -day cruise itinerary Raja Ampat

Aliikai Yacht

Refurbished in 2020 in Bali, Aliikai is a wooden yacht that offers a spacious blend of luxury, comfort, and privacy. The seven generous cabins are located on three decks and feature ensuit bathrooms, air conditioning and beautiful interior design. Aliikai’s indoor lounge and dining area is an air-conditioned multiple-purpose space where guests can enjoy nourishing meals or relax during the mid-day sun. 

Wayag in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat

Welcome to one of the most extraordinary environments on the planet! Cruising North & Central Raja Ampat takes you on a journey to an unspoiled paradise. Explore the mangroves at Miskon Bay, the world-class dive sites around Kri Island and the rocky limestone domes of Penemu. Experiencing the vastness and beauty of Raja Ampat on board a yacht is truly life-changing.

Raja Ampat charter itinerray paddleboard and kayaking

Cruising Expereince

Embarking on a yacht charter in Raja Ampat combines the unique experience of being on a boat with the extraordinary beauty of the destination. This combination creates the perfect environment to unwind your soul and reconnect with nature. Navigating through the pristine waters of Raja Ampat will awaken the explorer in you. 

Raja Ampat Map cruise itinerary

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Welcome to Raja Ampat | Day 1

The Aliikai crew will be waiting to greet you at your chosen meeting point, ready to whisk you away to your new home for the next 7 days. Another warm welcome awaits as you meet the rest of the team, before enjoying lunch as we begin to cruise to the islands of Raja Ampat. After a chance to settle in, it is time to enjoy some snorkeling or an easy check dive. Watch the sun go down with a cocktail in one of Aliikai’s beautiful chill out areas before your first dinner is served under the stars.

This morning, you will awake to not only a beautiful breakfast, but the sound of tropical birds calling from the jungle. Mioskon Bay is a spectacular spot where you can snorkel in the mangroves and kayak across the mirror still coastline waters. Famed for its abundant marine-life and coral slopes, the Kri peninsula offers some of the most exquisite underwater vistas in Raja Ampat. Nearby, the island of Mansuar is home to a village where you can head ashore for a glimpse of local culture.


An early rise offers you the best chance of spotting a rare Red Bird of Paradise. You will be guided on a comfortable jungle hike of around 45-minutes to reach the bird-watching platform, where you will look for signs of this elusive bird. After a leisurely breakfast, take in the statuesque mushroom islands of Kabui Bay. This bay marks the entrance to a narrow channel of water through which strong currents run with each tide, forming a saltwater river with plentiful coral and fish-life. With a variety of activities to choose from both onboard and in the water, you really can simply enjoy the day as you please.

PENEMU | Day 4

A cluster of rocky limestone domes makes up the beautiful Penemu Islands. With tiers of green vegetation, the islets encircle a shallow green bay. A hidden walking trail along the rocky hills leads to a look out with magnificent views of the lagoon, its outlying islands, and the ocean beyond. Nearby lie some of the most celebrated snorkeling and diving sites in the area. Witness turtles float over intricate coral gardens and Manta rays meet large schools of fish in nutrient-rich currents.

WAYAG | Day 5

The Wayag Islands are an endless green maze of islands that make up the most visually stunning scene. This is the image that comes to mind when someone mentions Raja Ampat. With this as your spectacular backdrop you can enjoy some water sports, climb the island peak for a panoramic view of the turquoise waterways or play castaway among the deserted beaches as the sun melts into another Raja Ampat sunset. A truly stunning place to reflect on your day as you enjoy a family style dinner in Aliikai’s spacious and luxurious outdoor dining area.

WOFOH | Day 6

Here in Wofoh, two islands are connected by a shallow reef, which makes it a wonderful spot for beach combing, paddleboarding and kayaking. The west coast of Wofoh is also home to one of the most beautiful coral walls in the area, plunging into clear blue water depths with a mixture of soft corals, hard corals and barrel sponges. Schooling surgeonfish and barracuda can be spotted here, as well as the elusive unicorn fish. Enjoy some snorkeling, diving or simply hang out on deck with a cold drink and the stillness of the ocean.


Manta Rays are truly one of the most majestic creatures on the planet. Witnessing their sheer size and grace is something you will remember forever. Dampier’s tidal surges carry planktonic feasts that attract them to Arborek Island, allowing you to spend time diving or snorkeling with these gentle giants. After a delicious lunch onboard, you head ashore to Arborek Village to learn a little more about the locals and their culture. Communities in Raja Ampat primarily make their living from sustainable fishing and pearling, with around 18 villages in the region, all of which are very small and hospitable.


This morning, as the cruise comes to an end, the yacht will slowly return to Sorong port. After a final decadent breakfast on deck and heartfelt goodbyes, the crew will assist you in disembarking Aliikai and transfer you back to the airport or hotel.


This is a sample cruise itinerary. Each yacht charter and shared cruise is unique, a detailed day-to-day itinerary, will be tailored to your preferences as well as weather and ocean conditions. Compared to shared cruises, private charters provide more flexibility in terms of customization. Cruise directors on board aim to ensure that the itinerary matches individual preferences and environmental conditions.

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