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Start your journey on board Akomo Isseki Liveaboard. She is a traditional  adventure yacht, launched in December 2018. Swift and nimble, this 26-meter vessel was built by traditional Phinisi craftsmen in South Sulawesi over one year.  Built with love and skill, she displays a well-balanced blend of tradition and comfort. The yacht features 4 twin cabins which can accommodate up to 8 guests, a covered dive deck, a large sun area and a communal dining area. Akomo Isseki is sure to guide you to the best sites for your cruising adventure in Indonesia. Cruising to Raja Ampat, Komodo and Banda Sea, Akomo Isseki is fully equipped for Scuba Diving and snorkeling.

Akomo Isseki yacht in Komodo

The Boat

All the 26 meters of Akomo Isseki liveaboard are dedicated to your comfort, relaxation, and well-being. She is made entirely from tropical hardwoods, ironwood, and teak. Thoughtful design makes this vessel unforgettable - from bow to stern. The hull shines with its natural material and the stunning white underside compliments it perfectly. Along with its spacious deck, there are numerous options for entertainment and relaxation onboard.

Akomo Isseki Cabin

Cabins on Board

Akomo Isseki can comfortably host up to 8 guests in 4 twin cabins. The cabins are spacious and comfortable with new beds, fresh linens and towels. Each room is naturally ventilated and equipped with a wardrobe, computer desk, portholes and a fan. The shared bathrooms include modern appliances in a traditional design.

Outdoor lounge on Akomo Isseki

Cruising Experience

Life onboard this adventure yacht has much to offer. Whether you are a thrill-seeking spirit or looking for days of comfort and relaxation — Akomo Isseki is the ideal choice. You can find a closed saloon for social gatherings, an audio system to play your favorite tunes, a large, partially covered sun deck with seating area. A movie library and a wealth of books are a part of the inventory. Upon request, there is even a projector available. In addition, there is a large dining table for communal meals. The chef provides a wide selection of Western and Indonesian food.

Akomo Isseki Liveabaord in Raja Ampat - Sample Cruise Itinerary

Akomo Isseki in Raja Ampat takes you on an incredible voyage to one of the planet’s most stunning and biodiverse regions. Raja Ampat, or the “Four Kings”, is an unrivaled underwater paradise and on the bucket list of many divers. This yacht charter itinerary in Raja Ampat on Akomo Isseki focuses on diving and is packed with many world-class dive sites. Explore Mioskon bay, dive at Blue Magic, Love Potion, Three Rocks and many more famous scuba dive sites.


Waisai | Day 1

Crew members will be waiting for you at the harbor in Waisai and take you to Akomo Isseki. After a brief introduction and safety briefing, you will settle in your cabin while the yacht departs. Akomo Isseki sets off in the direction of the famous Dampier Strait, the first of many areas you will visit. While cruising to the Dampier area, you can relax and take in the sights, before an afternoon check dive around the small island of Friwin.

Mioskon & Blue Magic | Day 2

The morning starts with a light breakfast followed by the first dive at Mioskon. Your second opportunity to explore the stunning underwater world will be Blue Magic, which is one of the most popular sites in Raja Ampat. The dive site is well known for its beautifully colored soft and hard corals. In case you want to dive again, the next stop is Chicken Reef, where the sun is often masked by a magnificent array of schooling Glassfish. After a nourishing supper, you have the chance to chill under the star lit sky, listening to the gentle ocean sounds.

Yanbuba & Arborek | Day 3

Today, you start your diving adventure at the village of Yanbuba. Observe hunter groups of Trevally, feeding on millions of small fish under the jetty. You may even encounter Manta Rays, as they circle their cleaning stations. For macro-lovers, there is a vast array of species hidden in the lush coral slopes. A second dive can be organized at the famed Arborek Jetty. Between your dives, you can visit the small village and connect with the locals. The third dive of the day, takes place at the long reef of Lalosi. There are some beautiful colored corals which offer a secure home to Wobbygong sharks and the wonderful walking shark. Sailing overnight to Misool.

Diving in East Misool | Day 4

In East Misool you will explore three fantastic dive sites; No Contest, Love Potion and Three Rocks. You will enjoy the sight of sheer vertical walls and breathtaking coverage of soft corals, lots of fish with schools of Platax, aggregations of Snapper and Bump Head Parrotfish. Akomo Isseki spends the night in the hidden lagoon, a special anchorage inside an almost closed bay surrounded by high rocks. In the late afternoon, you might opt for exploring another lagoon with the speedboat. The lagoon is located further into the rocks and offers a great opportunity to swim or search for the native Cacatoes.

Boo Rocks & Fantasea | Day 5

After a short morning navigation, you reach South East Misool and start another great day of diving near Misool Eco Resort. The dive sites for today are; Boo Rocks, Fiabacet and Fantasea. All of these sites promise an explosion of colors and an abundance of marine life. After another day filled with spectacular encounters and moments, Akomo Isseki will continue her voyage to the Wayilbatan area. Here you might have the opportunity for a night dive if conditions allow.

Wayilbatan Area | Day 6

In the Wayilbatan area, you have a selection of spectacular dive sites waiting for you. The most famous among them are; Barracuda Rock, Wedding Cake and Neptune’s Sea Fan. All of these dive sites offer an impressive range of marine diversity and topography, huge Gorgonian Sea Fans, overhangs and caves, forests of Black Coral, Trevally, Turtles, Eagle Rays, Pygmy Seahorses and much more. In case you want to take a break from the water, there is the possibility to hike the famous viewpoint near the “Heart of Misool”. In the evening, enjoy time onboard Akomo Isseki and recharge your batteries for the next day.

Pele to Penemu | Day 7

The yacht will navigate to Pele at the very South East of the Misool area. Along the way,
you will dive at Four Kings. The site consists of four incredible pinnacles, each covered in more soft coral and colorful tunicates than the last — it is sheer unbelievable. The spectrum of colors at this site is simply outstanding. We highly recommend taking your underwater camera with you. Your day continues around Pele. Kaleidoscope and Pulau Kecil are two famous scuba dive sites in the area and are nothing short of the extraordinary. Late that afternoon, the voyage continues and Akomo Isseki cruises overnight to Penemu and the Fam islands.

Penemu & Tropical Beaches | Day 8

Early in the morning, you arrive at Penemu’s famous reefs, home to one of the largest populations of fish in the area. Very impressive, especially in a brisk current. After breakfast, you dive at Melissa’s Garden, an extraordinary dive site famous for its extensive hard coral fields and perfect conditions. In the afternoon, you have time for a short trek to admire more of Raja Ampat’s wonderful lagoons and mesmerizing landscape. You spend the evening under the stars enjoying a private BBQ on a white-sanded tropical beach.

Barracudas & Wobbegongs | Day 9

After a short navigation to the Yanggefo area, you can explore some of the most stunning dive sites in West Waigeo; Citrus Ridge, Mayhem and Way Pretty Shallow. In the right conditions, expect some of the most high voltage diving in Raja Ampat, massive schools of fish, Barracuda, at least three species of Fusilier, Trevally, Bump Head Parrotfish, and Wobbegong Sharks. In the afternoon, you can opt for a dive at Mike’s Point. During World War II, the US Air Force mistook this rock for a camouflaged Japanese ship and bombed it repeatedly. The top side of the island is blown away, but underwater the reef has come back to life.

Blue Magic & Cape Kri | Day 10

Akomo Isseki saved the very best for your last full day in Raja Ampat. During your final diving day, you will visit two fabulous sites; Blue Magic and Cape Kri. Both sites offer some of the largest concentrations of pelagic fish in Raja Ampat. Large schools of hunting Trevally, Chevron Barracuda, Bannerfish, Giant Sweetlips, Yellow Fin Tuna and big Red Snapper congregate on these sites. Large Grey Reef Sharks can also be spotted at Cape Kri. In the afternoon, you have time to relax and watch the sunset on one of the secluded beaches near the anchorage.

Back to Waisai | Day 11

While the boat sails back to Waisai enjoy breakfast, and the last exchange of photos and memories. The crew of Akomo Isseki will say their fond farewells before organizing your stay in Raja Ampat or return to Sorong.

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