Aboya in Komodo

With nature in harmony – Aboya in Komodo is a 7-day cruise itinerary through the pristine waters of Komodo National Park. You will get the opportunity to discover the UNESCO World Heritage in a mesmerizing and authentic way. Aboya stands for adventure, comfort, and she fits perfectly into the raw beauty of the National Park. Explore Komodo on Aboya and visit famous sites such as Makassar Reef, Komodo Island, Pink Beach and Padar Island.

Aboya yacht in Komodo cruise itinerary


Aboya’s layout and cabin setup is perfect for small groups. The two master cabins and the additional cabin with bunk beds can accommodate up to 8 people. The recently refurbished and beautiful handmade wooden deck offers plenty of space to hang out, sunbathe and relax. Enjoy delicious meals and nourishing gatherings in the shaded dining and lounge. Meals on board Aboya are a healthy combination of Western & Indonesian dishes.


A cruise itinerary in Komodo National Park takes you on a journey to a land of stunning landscapes, magical sunsets and enchanting wildlife. Experience the graceful dance of Manta Rays and hike with the last dragons on earth. Komodo National Park captivates its visitors, with world-famous dive sites, panoramic viewpoints and turquoise waters.

Cruise expereince Aboya Komodo itinerary

Cruising Experience

Wind on your skin, the sound of the waves and enchanting landscapes. Navigating through Komodo National Park onboard Aboya is enriching and nourishing. Unwinding your soul and disconnecting from your daily life, this is what a cruising experience on Aboya looks like. The combination of being on a boat combined with the surreal beauty of the surrounding landscape will replenish your batteries and leave a lasting impression.

Senja in Komodo cruise itinerary map
Labuan Bajo

Hotmap - Labuan Bajo


Hotmap - Kelong Flying Foxes

Komodo Island

Hotmap - Komodo Dragons

Padar Island

Gili Lawa Darat

Gili Banta

Hotmap Image - Banta Island


Hotspot - Senja in Komodo Sebayur d

Karang Makassar

Hotmap - Dive with Mantas

Welcome to Komodo | Day 1

Crew members will greet you at the arrival gate or your hotel. They will assist you to the pre-arranged transport for a short ride to the harbor of Labuan Bajo to board the tender. On board, you will be welcomed by the crew, offering a welcome drink. The cruise director will give an introduction, a safety briefing, and a small tour around the yacht, and assist you with cabin allocation while the vessel departs. Aboya will head to Sebayur Kecil. There you have your first opportunity for a check dive or snorkeling session. For keen hikers, Sebayur Besar offers one of the best sunset panoramas in Komodo National Park.

In the morning, you depart for Makassar Reef, aka Manta Point. This is one of the most famous sites in Komodo National Park. The Makassar Reef includes three small, shallow reefs and is a beginner-friendly dive site. Even though there are numerous corals and an abundance of marine life, the main attraction are Manta Rays. Swim, snorkel, or dive with the gentle giants and observe them gliding through the waters with ease. Afterward, soak in the stunning beauty around you from the yacht or the nearby beach. When the sun sets, Aboya will head towards Gili Banta.

Gili Banta & Batu Moncho Bay | Day 3

Gili Banta is an ancient volcano which is located a few miles outside Komodo National Park. Because of their size, the bays at Gili Banta are protected from wind and waves. This provides perfect conditions for water sport activities such as paddleboarding and snorkeling. You either have the opportunity to do a night dive in the north bay of Gili Banta or set sail for Batu Moncho to explore another famous dive site in the National Park.

Gili Lawa Darat | Day 4

As the sun rises, Aboya heads toward Gili Lawa Laut. While the yacht navigates through the pristine waters of Komodo National Park, you can enjoy a freshly brewed coffee and indulge in a nourishing breakfast. As Aboya continues, you arrive at Gili Lawa Darat. Three of the most well-known dive sites are located there; Castle Rock, Crystal Rock and the Cauldron. After a diving or snorkeling session, get kissed by the sun and relax on deck. In the evening, put on your hiking boots and ascend to the viewpoint on Gili Lawa Darat. The viewpoint offers another fantastic view over the National Park and its picturesque landscape.

Komodo Island & Flying Foxes Day 5

In the early morning, Aboya leaves for Komodo Island. Upon your arrival, a professional guide will accompany you on your trek to meet the legendary Komodo Dragons. There are 3 different treks you can choose from; short, medium, long. Apart from the giant lizards, you might encounter buffaloes, deer and a variety of bird species. Back from your adventure, you can then refresh yourself with a fresh juice or swim. Later that day, Aboya takes you to Kalong Island and you end the day on a magical note, watching thousands of fruit bats (flying foxes) ascending in the light of the setting sun.

Pink Beach & Padar Island | Day 6

As the sun rises, Aboya heads for Pink Beach. It is one of seven Pink Beaches in the world and one of the most visited sites in Komodo National Park. You have the opportunity to take a stroll along the beach or snorkel at the nearby reefs. Afterward, recharge with a delicious meal and refreshing juice. The next stop is Padar Island. Hiking to the viewpoint at sunset will reward you with the most famous and iconic view Komodo has to offer.

The Journey Ends | Day 7

Day 7 marks the last day of your cruise in Komodo National Park on Aboya. After a rich breakfast, the yacht will return to Labuan Bajo and you check out before noon. The crew will organize the transfer to the hotel or airport. Then it will be time to return home or continue your travels, your heart full of unforgettable memories of an extraordinary journey.


This is a sample cruise itinerary. Each yacht charter and shared cruise is unique, a detailed day-to-day itinerary, will be tailored to suit guests’ preferences as well as weather and ocean conditions. Compared to shared cruises, private charters provide more flexibility in terms of customization. Cruise directors on board aim to ensure that the itinerary matches individual preferences and environmental conditions.

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