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Dewata in Komodo

Dewata in KomodoDewata in Komodo charter itinerary

Inquire Now Dewata in Komodo Explore Komodo on Dewata. The yacht is perfect for private and personalized charters, family cruises and honeymoon getaways.  This Komodo cruising itinerary aboard Dewata takes you on a journey through the astonishing beauty of Komodo National Park. Discover world-class dive sites including Sebayur Kecil and Batu Bolong. Snorkel with Mantas […]

Mikumba 2 in Komodo

Mikumba 2 in KomodoKomodo on Mikumba 2 feature

Inquire Now Mikumba 2 in Komodo Explore Komodo on Mikumba 2. The boat is an excellent choice for discovering the underwater wonders of Komodo National Park, She is perfect for private and personalized charters, shared cruises and scuba diving adventures. Mikumba 2 in Komodo is a 5-day cruising and diving itinerary that takes you to […]

Aboya in Raja Ampat

Aboya in Raja AmpatAboya yacht in Raja Ampat boat cruise itinerary

Inquire Now Aboya in Raja Ampat Aboya in Raja Ampat transports you to one of Earth’s most unparalleled and biodiverse realms. In this unspoiled and remote paradise, the sheer abundance of life will leave you in awe. A yacht charter in Raja Ampat offers a diverse array of activities that cater to all tastes and […]

Mikumba 2 in Raja Ampat

Mikumba 2 in Raja Ampat

Inquire Now Mikumba 2 in Raja Ampat This itinerary is all about diving. Mikumba 2 in Raja Ampat takes you from Waisai on a 6-night cruising and diving experience that you will never forget. Get on board the traditional Indonesian Phinisi and explore the stunning seascapes of Raja Ampat. Dive at some of the most […]


AugustineAugustine Phinisi Yacht Indonesia

Inquire Now 32 M 4 CabinS 8 Crew Experience cultural heritage on board Augustine. The luxury Phinisi was built in 2020 from Teak and Iron Wood and represents a beautifully designed and modern approach to the Indonesian craftsmanship of boat building. The combination of light colors and the wooden texture will immediately convey a sense […]

Seven Seas

Seven SeasSeven Seas Liveaboard Yacht Indonesia

Inquire Now 40 M 8 Cabins 18 Crew The Seven Seas is a 40 m schooner that follows the traditional Buginese style of construction. It has raised the bar for luxury liveaboard experiences in Indonesia over the past 15 years. The boat has been custom-designed to offer comfortable and spacious accommodation across three decks for […]


samataSamata Yacht

Inquire Now 42 M 5 Cabins 14 Crew The Samata is an exclusive and unique luxury yacht. Every detail of your private cruise, from the gourmet dining to the luxury linen, is taken care of. Ranked by Asia Pacific Boating Magazine as one of Asia’s best 50 Superyachts, Samata will cater to your every whim […]

Tiger Blue in Raja Ampat

Tiger Blue in Raja AmpatTiger Blue in Raja Ampat

Inquire Now Tiger Blue in Raja Ampat Tiger Blue in Raja Ampat takes you to the fabulous world of karst limestone formations and underwater wonders. Discover the magic and serenity of Raja Ampat on board this 34-m yacht. Visit the islands of Yanggelo, Wayag and Kawe. Discover remote beaches and go for a night dive […]

Maj Oceanic in Komodo

Maj Oceanic in KomodoMaj Oceanic in Komodo

Inquire Now Maj Oceanic in Komodo Maj Oceanic in Komodo takes you on an voyage through Komodo National Park. From Labuan Bajo, over Padar to Rinca Island and Kelor, this itinerary is packed with breathtaking highlights. Experience the legendary Dragons on Komodo Island, dive with Manta Rays at Karang Makasaar or just unwind the soul […]

Kelana in Komodo

Kelana in KomodoKelana in Komodo

Inquire Now Kelana in Komodo Kelana in Komodo is a short but sweet yacht charter in the heart of Komodo National Park. This four-day itinerary will take you to renowned dive sites and the famous Manta Spot in Karang Makasaar. The 21-m Kelana yacht features 3 cabins and is the perfect choice for family charters […]

Silent Blue

Silent BlueSilent Blue Yacht

Inquire Now 22 M 2 Cabins 5 Crew Silent Blue is a very private affair. With 22m and only 2 Cabins, the Yacht is perfect for a honeymoon, a long-awaited anniversary or an intimate getaway for a small family. Launched in 2021, Silent Blue is the sister boat of Duyung Baru and has been built […]


VelaVela yacht

Inquire Now 50 M 6 Cabins 18 Crew Vela is a 50 m custom-built Phinisi yacht. Launched in July 2022, the yacht combines traditional Indonesian aesthetics with modern design. She was conceived for people eager to explore the most remote corners of the Indonesian archipelago. Vela’s design celebrates Indonesian craftsmanship. The extensive use of local […]

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