Best Season Cruising Raja Ampat

When is the best season to Cruise Raja Ampat? This question is not easy to be answered. While most Raja Ampat Cruises and Yacht Charters take place between December and March, Raja Ampat can can generally be visited all year round. In order to determine the best time for your Cruise you need to take some crucial climate factors into account. Since Raja Ampat extends over the equator, it has a tropical climate. For that reason, there are no four seasons. The weather in Raja Ampat is likely to be same all year round and the length of days only varies slightly.

Furthermore, the archipelago of Raja Ampat is dominated by different micro climates and hence it is difficult to state the Best Cruising Season for Raja Ampat. The micro climates are caused by the size of the area and its location. It is not unusual to experience bright sunshine and see black clouds not far away. As a result, precise weather predictions are almost impossible. What is possible however is to tailor the route and itinerary of your Cruises according to the present weather on site.

In terms of temperatures there is only little variation. The max. daytime average is 32oC (91oF) and the nightly minimum is 25oC (78oF). The average humidity of the region is 83 %. There are hardly any days of the year on which you can be sure it will not rain. Nevertheless, the chance of rain is smaller during the northwest monsoon which takes place between October and April.

The best time to visit Raja Ampat?

The period between October and April is therefore considered to be the Best Cruising Season for Raja Ampat. From mid-June to mid-September winds are picking up speed and most of our  Phinisi Schooners leave the region towards Komodo Islands. However, regardless of the stronger winds and fewer boats, there is still the possibility to dive, snorkel or relax.

Hence, it is still hard to provide you with the perfect answer for planning your trip to paradise. It depends on your priority. If you wish to travel long distances by boat, you better skip July and August. If you just want to relax, snorkel and do some diving, Raja Ampat is an all-year-round destination.

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