5 Reasons to Honeymoon on a Private Yacht in Indonesia

Go beyond the standards of a classic beach getaway and cruise Indonesia on a private Yacht for your honeymoon – a crewed boat charter provides the best in hospitality, adventure, and exhilaration for your wedding holiday.

Your honeymoon is the perfect reason to push beyond the boundaries of what a typical vacation might look like. With so many destinations and activities to choose from it might seem like another daunting task. However, very few options offer such a unique combination of experiences as a crewed yacht charter in the Indonesian Archipelago.

Not sure you want to go luxury– or even private? All of the hand-selected yachts in our profile meet the upmost standard for their class and do not compromise on service regardless of your budget.

Here are some of the top reasons couples consider a private cruise in Indonesia for their honeymoon:

Pink Beach Komodo National Park (Nataraja)

1. Discover exceptional places without the crowds

Indonesia is more than Bali! Those who choose to traverse beyond beachside resorts are well rewarded with sights unknown to most. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. It is a vast equatorial archipelago of 17,000 islands extending 5,150 kilometers east to west, between the Indian and Pacific Oceans in Southeast Asia. Throughout and in between these lesser known islands is where you’ll journey.

honeymoon on private charter mischief

Private Beach Dinner:  Just In Time For Sunset (Mischief)

2. The Attractions and Activities

This large archipelago makes Indonesia a year-round cruising destination. You’ll quickly discover why it is known as a divers paradise. According to several marine surveys, it has been suggested that Raja Ampat hosts the highest recorded marine biodiversity on Earth. Because of its great underwater conditions, Indonesia is home to approximately 25% of the world’s fish species and 15% of the coral species. That’s a lot of marine life to see! Even snorkeling on the surfaces provides a wealth of wonder! Stand up paddleboard between limestone cliffs in Raja Ampat and trek to the stunning tri-color viewpoint of Padar in Komodo National Park– activities are endless.

A well deserved dip in a Freshwater Lagoon after a small day trek

3. The Privacy

On a private yacht, you get the ultimate luxury of privacy. During the days, the crew will be on standby to provide service, but the highly trained and experienced crew have a keen sense of when you’d like your privacy. In addition to this, the isolated nature of your cruising destination will give you the feeling that you are really the only ones on earth. That means you get plenty of time to enjoy each other’s company amidst one of the most unique ever changing land and seascapes you may ever experience.

Discussing the days upcoming activities over breakfast (Kelana)

4. You don’t need any yachting experience

Yes, charting a vessel is innately an intimate and exclusive experience but that doesn’t mean you have to be experienced to do so. The art and beauty of these special Indonesian sailing yachts is that they are pure comfort on the seas. They are built to cruise easy and you will find an excess of comfortable lounging spaces, expansive and luxe cabins, unbelievable dining and entertainment options onboard.


Spacious honeymoon cabin on Rascal

5. Nurture the mind, body, and soul on a Honeymoon Cruise

Every journey in life begins with oneself. Author Lauren Myracle once wrote: “You will love the ocean. It makes you feel small, but not in a bad way. Small because you realize you’re part of something bigger.” Whether you’re practicing your sun salutations on the deck of your private boat, rocking gently with the movement of the sea, standing on a private shore with your toes dug in the sand or even drifting several meters below the surface witnessing the life-dance of the sea going on around you– the inspiration to begin is undeniable.

Taking in the moment on the bow of a Rascal Phinisi

With so many honeymoon destinations to choose from, it is important to find a charter and a boat that is right for you and your new partner. We can help and guide you through this process, offering personal advice and ensuring that your honeymoon meets your exact needs.

All the way from the logistics of your flights to the timing of your candlelit dinner on a private strip of sandy beach in one of the most biologically diverse places on earth, booking a luxury private cruise in Indonesia provides the best experience.

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