Cruising Indonesian Islands

Barefoot Yachts Indonesia is an Agency dedicated to Cruising Indonesian Islands on traditional Phinisi Yachts. We provide Boat Charters in Komodo, Raja Ampat and beyond on Indonesia’s finest traditional Schooners. We offer Sailing Expeditions, Scuba Dive Cruises,  Snorkeling Expeditions as well as Surfing, Yoga and Freediving Boat Trips. Our fleet is Cruising Indonesia throughout the Archipelago: Bali, Lombok, the Gili Islands, Moyo Island, Komodo, Sulawesi, the Moluccas and Raja Ampat.

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Why Cruise Indonesia with Barefoot Yachts?


In today’s era of mass tourism bulk-produced holiday packages, cruising on a traditional schooner offers a greatly contrasting experience.


We are experts in our area of operation and we are more than happy to help you with organising any other services you may require around your cruising experience with us.


We work in close partnership with a limited number of handpicked vessels. We offer flexibility to cover a wide variety of routes while catering different budgets and cruise styles.


Offering unique routes and packages, you will receive the best possible rate. We are up to date with special offers – meaning we can pass on the best deals for you!

Giving Back​

The Indonesian Ocean, source of our energy, life and income, is precious to us. We regularly support various Marine Conservation Projects and NGOs.

Sailing Holidays in Indonesia

A Sailing holiday in Indonesia is like traveling back in history: a return to classical sailing, giving one a feeling of real adventure. The ancestors of the modern phinisi yacht are the Schooners that transported valuable spices from the “East Indies” to Europe. The golden age of sailing, which ended in the Western world a century ago, never quite ended in Indonesia. 

Today, the Phinisi Sailing Boats are the essence of ancient romantic traditions – equipped with modern design, technology, comfort and safety features. A Sailing Holiday on a traditional wooden Yacht expresses the spirit of Indonesia and offers a unique opportunity to experience the divers Indonesian Archipelago from a different perspective.

Padar Island

Padar Island in Komodo National Park, Flores.

Cruise Indonesia: The greatest Archipelago on earth

To Cruise Indonesia, keep in mind that the Archipelago boasts more than 17,000 islands and various sub-climates. As Indonesia is very large and diverse, it is important to take the right destination combined with the right season into consideration when planning your holiday – we are happy to assist you with details.

April – November is best and most popular season for Komodo Cruises and the Sunda Islands of Flores, Sumbawa and Lombok. However, the Komodo Islands don’t get much rain compared to Flores mainland and its generally possible to cruise all year round – January and February are still considered as off-season. 

The season in Raja Ampat is from October – April. The Banda Sea is considered best to cruise in October/November and April. For other, more remote areas such as Alor, Cendrawasih Bay, or Surf charters special seasons apply.  

yacht charter

Nataraja Yacht in Raja Ampat.

Sailing Indonesia: Komodo and Beyond

Sailing Indonesia offers a broad variety of areas and island groups.  Cruises around Komodo Islands from Flores are the most popular and offer a chance to see Indonesia from a different perspective. However, there are several more remote destinations such as Alor, Sumba, the Moluccas, Sulawesi, West Papua and Raja Ampat. Each island group features distinctive characteristics, seasons, sites and activities.

Many visitors sailing Indonesia would certainly say Raja Ampat is the crown jewel of a Sailing Charters in Indonesia. Misool, Dampier Straight or Wayag – the islands of Raja Ampat are bursting with life above and below the surface. 

traditional schooner charter carpe diem

Ocean Adventures: Aboya letting the sheets fly.

Scheduled And Private Cruises

We offer shared departures as well as private charters in Komodo, Raja Ampat and beyond. Shared Cruises usually have a minimum duration of 4 Nights and are a little less flexible in terms of available dates and route. Scheduled Cruises are a great way for singles and couples to Cruise Indonesian Islands in a budget friendly and social way. A private Yacht charter offers a greater flexibility in terms of route, duration and is most suitable for families and groups of friends.

komodo island diving

A boat trip in Indonesia offers some of the best Snorkelling in the world.

Best Snorkelling In the World

While Indonesia is a famous Diving destination, there is not always a need to strap on a Scuba tank as the reefs of Indonesia offer some of the best snorkelling in the world. Snorkeling in Komodo offers a high chance of encountering Manta Rays and spectacular drift Snorkelling sites. Snorkeling in Raja Ampat even features more biodiversity in the first 5m under the ocean surface and regular meetings with friendly blacktip reef sharks, Wobbegong sharks resting in the corals or elegant Rays passing by. Some sites in West Papua even offer regular encounters with Whalesharks and sites in Alor Dugongs.

No matter which destination you choose – Indonesia’s snorkeling is some of the best in the world.

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